Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pub Calls

This is a page for the Aussie Pub Calls challenge that is under new management! All you had to do is use a bird. This was the only 'bird' anything I had! Kristy, I kept thinking about your evil magpie! lol
Well long story short...Our dog escaped last night and was missing for about 20 hours.... She is now home! How stressful!!!!
I am loving my Dalmatian fish....they can't run away!
May you all sleep well....I will be! x

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I followed a Pencillines sketch for this LO.
It was a lovely simple sketch with so many possibilities. I guess when I work from a sketch I tend to follow it pretty much exactly. The colour in the photo posted is a bit washed out. It has slightly more pink tones in it.
Well Shawn is eating really well! I am so proud of him!! Fingers crossed he can keep it up. He had a smile on his face when he arrived home from school....I hadn't seen that for awhile. The trip to the dentist for a check up after school today will soon wipe the smile away :)
When I am in town today I need to get myself a copy of 'For Keeps'. The fab Miss Meg has 2 pages in this issue out today! I will update with page numbers when I get home.
UPDATE - Ok! If you turn to page 27 of For Keeps Issue 64 and page 43 you will find the work of a very talented Ms Meg! If anyone is interested in a signed copy by this first time published artist, I am happy to ask Meg as she is a close personal friend of mine.... I should be able to get better seats at restaurants, entry into all the major night clubs just by dropping her name! LOL I picked up the last 2 copies of For Keeps at the newsagent I went to, one for me and one for Pam. Meg will be doing a signing tomorrow morning over coffee and Mud cake at my place if anyone wants to come around! :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

My boy.

This is my boy heading off for his first day of Year 2 this year. He is such a fantastic brother to Liberty. So thoughtful and kind...He has just come home from school early not feeling well. I am so over all of these bugs that he seems to be getting so we are off to the doc latter today.
Anyway... the page is for the monthly comp at Click n Scrap. I enjoyed this page, I got to use up a lot of old *stuff* :)
Pam just left after showing me her battle scars. You look good, and I am proud of you for being a big brave girl!
Well I better go and see if I can get food into my boy before Miss Liberty wakes up.
UPDATE: Well all went as I thought at the Doc. Shawn is a painful eater. He doesn't like alot and doesn't eat alot. So when he gets sick he stays that way for awhile... anyway...I think he got alot from listening to the doctor so I hope that helps.
Some super exciting news...Drum Roll....My spider page won the Scrapapple weekend workout!! I now have some spending $$$.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Another Sunday is almost over. :(
Shawn and Nash had a great night. Shawn is pretty tired now though. Matt has taken him for a bike ride.
This LO is for the weekend workout at Scrapapple. Theme is 'Upclose and personal'. I have had this photo for a few months and had wanted to scrap it so this comp worked in well. Can you spot the Kindy Glitz? LOL
Well I better go, I am stalking Ebay.... :)

Saturday, February 23, 2008


These are the 6x6 pages for the Southern Cross Kids Camp. Pam, Meg, Gail and I made them at a crop night. I didn't do a final count, but there is over 100! Go check out Julie Stones blog for details and see if you can help!

Well I worked (in paid employment LOL) yesterday and today, I will need a week off! :) Shawn's mate Nash is here for the night while is parents are off getting drunk, I mean at a wedding :) The boys are having a great time! If it involves Star Wars or Lego then it is a go! If it is Star Wars Lego...Wooo look out for the excitment!

This is a card I made for my Great Aunts 80th. It is Basic Greys 2 Scoops Swirl paper. (from JSJ) It is so easy to use! For something a bit different I added Kindy Glitz to the swirls.... lol

Today is also my Dad's Birthday... Happy Birthday Dad, xxx

I am now going to go out and wash down and exterior wall! How silly am I? LOL

Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Beds

Wow, finally a LO that I am happy with! It has been awhile :) Ingredients are Love Elsie Lola papers, Rusty Pickle alpa stickers and the rest you can work out. I seem to be a bit of a Kindy Glitz freak atm. Soon I should have the walls looking all pretty :)

My baby fish are growing up so fast...where does time go...LOL I didn't think all 12 would survive but so far so good. They are bite size so they are still in the breeding tank.

Liberty is doing so well in her big bed. She stays in and doesn't get in and out like I thought she would. We have a rail to put on the bed, but she hasn't fallen. See our logic, we will put the rail on after she rolls out! Good parenting LOL

Shawn is doing well at school. I asked him to write on Grandpa's birthday card and I was blown away by how neat it was. My lefty boy! x

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lights, camera, action!

Well I have my trusty computer back. He wasn't even gone a day! I have the best computer guy!
This morning I was helping (via email) my Uncle get his blog going. He is heading off to America with a mate to play golf. They made their own tour. He is going to keep everyone posted via his blog...pretty cool I thought! You would think with all of my computer help I would get a neat treat from his trip...hint hint :)
I then did this LO for the White with 1 challenge. This is the maiden month for this clever challenge blog. Looks like everything will start with white, then you add one colour and 1 embellishment. This month is red and a 'love' embellishment. I like mine, but I don't love it. I can see what I should have done differently....oh well....
I better keep going. Matt is away tonight so I want to be organised so I can kick back tonight... x

Monday, February 18, 2008


I did this LO last night. It is for the Feb comp at Basically Scrapbooking. It is a sketch challenge from one of Becky Flecks sketches. A great sketch I thought! I loved this paper. It is MME, Mademoiselle, so beautiful.

I also must note the fantastic photography by Rachel :)

Tomorrow my computer has a doctors appointment. Hopefully I can claim it on medicare!

Not sure how long I will be without it. Hopefully it will be a 24hour bug and nothing more. $$$

See you all when I have a happier and healthier puter! x

Sunday, February 17, 2008


This is my effort for the 123 February challenge. Numbers in your title, Journal strips, and transparency.
My trans is a bit tricky to see. Behind the green flowers are acetate flowers. I almost broke someones punch making them....shhhh, don't tell her.... :)


Welcome to the world Nicholas Shane. Born this morning at 1.32am. He is my cousins first born!

I also have a really cool link for you scrappers to check out! I just came across this. It is full of images from CHA winter that has just finished up in Anaheim. I have only looked at about half so far, the excitement was too much for my scrapping eyes! I have spotted MM, BG, Elsie, Fancy Pants, HS, Jenni, Sassafras etc...
This morning was more sorting of kids 'stuff' Books, games, clothes.... I could start my own country with the stuff these kids have. Shawn and Matt are now building a Pirate Ship for the display I want to do in his room.
Byeeee x

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Busy, Busy!

Matt has had a super day! We are moving the kids rooms around in aid of Liberty needing to go into a bed. Liberty now has Shawns bed. Matt sprayed it white this morning and it looks beautiful! Shawn now has Matts old bed from his mothers. It is a king single. My boys are tall! :) Shawn is so happy. They each have new chests of drawers that Matt put together. So pretty much everything came out of the rooms and went back in differently.
Tomorrow will be another big day as I have 7 years of kids toys to go through and the dust that comes with them.... But we will get there!
It is hard to see my baby in a big bed.... but don't worry, I took photos!
This is the LO I did a few days ago for the Scrapping Jewels Feb comp. I love the photo of Mickey and Minnie. They are such a happy couple... I have a sweet spot for Mickey, we share the same birthday...not age, day. :)
Hope you are all having a good weekend! x

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Finally some work to share!

It has been awhile since I posted some work.
This LO I did yesterday. Tastyland is near my Dads (Pennsylvania, USA). It is an Icecream roadside place. They have the best soft serve. Whatever flavour you could imagine and they mix it on the spot. If you want Choc caramel. They would take vanilla soft serve then add the flavours and soft serve it out again!
Better than the icecream is the sweet potato fries....yum :) Anyway we had a lovely time there.
This afternoon I am off to Tamworth with the gals. Pam is an amazing person, and we all love her heaps!!! One day we will mud wrestle for her affections. LOL I have a great group of friends. Always there when one of us need picking up, or bringing down :) Anything, you name it and we are there for each other! Love you all.....and you too Moo xxx
I will post my other LO tomorrow. For a sneak peak go to Scrapping Jewels, it is for the Feb comp.
Happy V'day all x

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Thanks everyone for thinking of my boy. :) Well he woke up feeling really well so he went to school. He came home with a headache, but I have a feeling he didn't eat much at school.....
Today Liberty and I went to playgroup for the first time. She did very well, I was pleasantly suprised! She stayed pretty close to Molly. Not sure if that is a good thing, hey "Mum"...LOL
We have had more rain and had been told Armidale was flooded so after dinner we went up and had a look and since we made the trip picked up a macca's cone for Matt and the kids. I got my cup of pickles....yum!!
Well I have just cleaned up a little in this computer/office/scrap/storage/junk room. I forgot we had carpet! LOL


I haven't posted any work for awhile so I went through and found some of my OTP stuff to post. It adds some colour to my little blog :)
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Monday, February 11, 2008

Mixed up kinda day....

Well today started out perfectly. I was up and moving before everyone. After Shawn went to school I got the bathrooms done, washing never ends! The bathroom must have been good, Matt came home and asked if I had a new vanity installed today! How Rude!! :)
Liberty went to sleep and I scrapped...sorry I can't share...yet! :)
Then 2.30 that all changed.
I received a call from the school. Shawn had been hit in the head with a cricket bat! So I woke Liberty and wheeled over to the school...poor little brave!
No stitches, a nice bruise and egg above his eyebrow. At bed time we found out that it was on the side I always kiss him goodnight sweet!

I will try and do something interesting tomorrow... :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Best in Show.

Well we have had a pretty good weekend!
Last night I started my first DT page at home then went around to Pams and finished it over some M&M's. I just then finished my 2nd DT LO....on a roll...hope it lasts lol.
This morning we stopped out and saw Miss Jess, her and Liberty play so well. After that we went to the dog show in Armidale. I had never been to one and after talking to a customer yesterday thought it might be fun...and it was!!!
Madeline (top left) had better hair than me. The paw print was on a Dalmatian (Jimmy). we had such a nice time looking at all the 'Combies'.
Well all the good shows are back on so I better get the popcorn ready! x
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Saturday, February 9, 2008

102 Combi's!

Matt, Shawn, Liberty & Combi are watching 102 Dalmations on TV. Liberty still calls all dogs 'Combi' so it is very confusing for our Combi! She is not an inside dog, perhaps when she is a little older and wiser... I love this photo of her as a pup. Shawn swam across the creek to investigate a lizard. Combi was resting on the bank, but she sat and watched him to make sure the lizard kept it's distance. It was a lovely moment!
Well I worked this morning and desperately needed to print some flash drive wouldn't play nice so I came home empty handed..... Not real happy about that...Oh well!
I spent the rest of the day looking for Shawn's lost lego at the Baldwins... Dinner is done and dishes in the magic machine, so time to see what I can scrap...x

Friday, February 8, 2008

Blog Browsing

A few days ago I was wandering along in the land of Blog and found this site. I think it is some of the most beautiful photography I have ever seen... If you love nature, snow,animals especially horses. This is the perfect blog. It even has a song playlist at the bottom of some of my fav tunes!
Anyway if you have a few minutes spare go and have a look for your self. A Passion n Frames

Today my Scrapping Jewels kit arrived...YAY!! Very exciting. I will get some photos printed at work tomorrow and play the weekend away...
Have a great weekend everyone! x

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Who ever has my mojo I need it back ASAP!!!
I haven't done anything creative for a good few days and it is starting to get me down! I have been hoping my first JSJ kit would arrive any day, so I think I have been bracing myself for that. :} Hopefully tomorrow...
Today it got the better of me and I needed to do SOMETHING. I pulled out the Grafton LSS kit and started on it. Lets just say I am too embarrassed to post the result! The kit is $5 and you get exactly $5 worth of stuff. It is a great concept and a great price (I think they sell over 30 each month) Usually it is something I can work with, not this month. The colours are just not do-able by me!!
Just because I had to post an image, this is from the stash. No great photography, but a funny moment. This is Roy's new boat, anchored by Matt's new thongs. Yes, the boat stayed put! They are funny boys...sorry men :)
Thanks for having a go at the Scrapping Jewels challenge Meg! I am off to have a look... x

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


This months challenge @ Scrapping Jewels is LOVE.... You need to have the word love on your page and some paint and also handwritten journaling. You have until the end of Feb. The prize is very cool.

It is the new 'In Stitches' book by Bazzill RRP $21.95.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Superbowl Funday!

Way to go Giants!
Well today the Superbowl was on. Matt finished work early (11.30) so he could be home to see some of the game. He arrived just in time to see the end of the first half. For lunch we had our traditional Hotdogs and Tater Tots. We try and do this every year, It started in 1995 when we first were going sweet :) It was a great second half. I napped through the 3rd quarter and was ready to cheer during the touch and go 4th. So happy NY won over the Patriots.
Anyway... The LO on the right is my award winning Uralla Show entry. I ROCK! First prize... $2, and yes I will probably spend it all at once! LOL. It is actually one of my fav pages. Probably because it has Austrian Crystals on it instead of plastic bling. I found them on a clearance rack in Michaels, in America and now kick myself I didn't get more! Photo is pretty bad...
Thanks for stopping by to see me :)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Another weekend over.

This weekend Matt was away, home now and had a great time white water rafting. The Uralla Show was on. Shawn entered a Lego town that he had been working on over the holidays at his Grandmothers.
It was approx 100x60cm in size. It had a cafe, building site, museum, post office, blacksmith, lake, cars, trucks etc. He won first prize and show champion! I think he grew an extra few inches tall with pride! So he should, he did a great job!
I worked Saturday, then took Shawn, Liberty and Courtney to the pool. That was Saturday over. I did manage to get a LO do for Sharons fun weekend challenge @ Scrapping Jewels. I knew I was limited on time so I combined 2 challenges into 1... Pretty tricky I thought...:) The photos are of Matt trying his new Wakeskis last weekend @ Grafton. The journalling is just me going on about Matts skiing, what a nice guy he is blah, blah, blah...:)
Well I better get moving, I have some of Mum's things to list on Ebay and I wan't to get some on before all the new TV shows start! x
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Saturday, February 2, 2008


Today my Dalmation Molly experienced karma. For this story I will call him Earl.
Last weekend Earl ate the smallest neon tetra. Survival of the fittest. Today I found Earl floating upside down in the bottom of the tank. After looking in the books that Rach let me borrow, all the signs lead me to think Earl was constipated. Karma. Big fish shouldn't eat little fish, pick on someone your own size etc. You may get constipated and be flushed!

On a lighter note. Matt just called, he is away at a work 'team building' thing (yeah right!). Yesterday they played golf and drank, today they went white water rafting. I am sure tonight will be more drinking and possibly a few cards will get played... He sounded like he was having a great time. I am happy for him...I say bring on scrap camp. :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Hearts for Mirabel.

After I read Megs blog I decided to make this Polar fleece heart.
Please go look at 1,2,3 to see what great cause these hearts are for, even join in and make some!

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