Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday in Hipsta Land.

Just for a bit of camera fun, I thought I would do my day in Hipstamatic photos taken on my iPhone.

It was a rough start to the day. Liberty had 2 days off school with a runny nose and woke up in the middle of the night throwing up "Spilling" as she calls it. This continued all night and into the morning. Poor little girl, she is such a good patient!

While Liberty watched movies in bed, Shawn and I sat by the fire and played with our photos on our iPhone/iPod.

Then it was time to start washing... Lots of items were in the wake of Liberty's bad night, including the floor, wall and rugs.

We had been planning for a few weeks to go to Armidale today. The Family History Group were honoring a Civil War Solider who is burried in Armidale. We all were looking forward to this having been to Gettysburg a few months ago. There was to be people dressed as Confederate Solders, and a band. So we took Liberty's "spill" bucket and got in the car.

Well, we found the band in the Armidale cemetery, but sadly, no solders!

Went home and unpacked the few essentials I got while in town. Liberty enjoyed the drive and had not spilled!

While it was nice out, I did a bit of renovating in the worm farm.

Then it was time for Shawn to go to a sleep over birthday party at his mates place.

Liberty was outside enjoying the sun, so Matt and I got some things done. First job was to get the compressor and blow out the heater/blower in the fire. (It is soooo good now!!)

While the sun was still a warm 14 degrees, I wanted to attack the side garden. I love this space, but it grows so well that you can not walk through it in late Spring and Summer. It is now all neat and tidy. I am tempted to paint the fence something bright....hmmmm

A few bulbs came out with the weeds, so I planted them out the back. While there, Matt commented that we should take those trees out. So we did. The car was the only way they were going to move!

The rope broke several times, and eventually ended up in our leverage plank!

Liberty had thrown up again, but came outside to sit in the car before it got cold. Such a trooper!
Dinner time. bed time. blog time.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hipsta from the US of A

I have been a very bad blogger.

Life has been busy since we have returned from our wonderful travels. Kids have settled back into school, Matt is busy with work, basketball and keeping the fire burning. I have picked up a good few weeks work at the school. The first few weeks were in the office and now I have at least another 4 in the food tech room.
It has been depressingly cold and I am missing the lovely weather that we had at the end of our time away, even Liberty comments that it is nicer in America.
I didn't take many photos with my iPhone while away, but I did have some fun with the Hipstamatic App. Below is a uniform taken on a submarine we toured in Pittsburg, a tunnel on the way into Pittsburg, the woods at Dad's and Bitty on a plane.