Monday, March 31, 2008

Sorry Amanda....

I need to apologise to Amanda...she has been home for 3 days and is sick of looking at my last I am now updating! :)
Well Thursday was my last post...hmmmm lets see. Friday was busy getting P&C things done and packing for camp. That night we went to Armidale and spent some time with my SIL and her Family. We went to the Autumn Festival rides. Matt & Shawn went on the Wizzer, all four of us the Dodgem cars, then Shawn and Liberty went through the jumping castles and train things. We had a lovely time!
Saturday I worked until 1 then I was home and ready to scrap! Matt and the kids went to the circus that was also in town as part of the Autumn festival. Liberty must have paid attention as today I am sure she was doing acrobatics on the swing set!
Sunday was our first frost for the year. We had another today, so the veggies are done!
At camp I achieved 3 double pages and 5 singles. The above page was a challenge pack that saw me win a Basic Grey 2 scoops Collection Pack. I was pretty chuffed about that! It is more of my homage to Chicco lollies... You had to be there for that joke! Thanks for making me laugh so hard Sam! :)
I had to leave early to go to Mandy's baby shower...I was late...missed it all but the last gift being opened! Everything always happens on the same weekend!!! Oh Well!!
I am looking forward to next weekend. We are having a Cyber Crop at Julies Scrapping Jewels. We have so many fun things planned so feel free to join us!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday right?

I seem to have no concept of days or dates lately! Matt is away to Newcastle and Tenterfield next week and I keep thinking it will be tomorrow.... I am sooo messed up! So unorganized too. I have done no prep for camp. I grabed a hand full of pics to go through, sat on the bed and culled! There and still hundreds more to look at, but I quit and came to sit, blog and eat Easter eggs! I hate no being ready for camp....come on Mr Mojo - Focus!!!!

Above are some more Easter photos. (In case the eggs and basket didn't give it away) lol

I have also decided today that it is time for me to find a new hoodie! My current fave is a pink Victoria's Secret one. It will soon be 2 years old, I got it when I went to see my Dad... It is the best hoodie. Before it I had a Bonds one and it was good to me as well. I just had a look on EBay, now I think I will go see what the VS web site has to offer...or GAP... I am sure I will find somewhere to spend money! :) Since I should be motivated for camp......

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Working Girl.

Today I worked for 4 hours to cover lunches... I also had some photos printed...So I pretty much worked to feed my habit! LOL
Miss Liberty went to Pammie day care for and hour or 2 until Matt finished worked. Liberty would have had a great time, her and Miss Molly are great friends! She was at me to go see Pam at 8.30!!! I was ready to take her at 9......

This is another photo from the weekend. It is nothing special on the computer, but printed it really glistens. It was covered with spiderweb tinsel.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Getting no where.

Well today it seems I didn't get anything done! I am sure I did but just have nothing to show for it.

Tonight I am off to a P&C thing. The school P&C is going to run the footy canteen this year and hopefully bring in some good $$$ for the kids. I don't think I mentioned that I am a secretary for P&C this year... So between that and vice-chair for the Events committee I am getting a bit busy!

Dinner is bubbling away as I type. I just thought I would share another pic from our weekend. Monday morning we were the first up so we went for a drive so the others didn't get woken by us. It was a beautiful foggy morning.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter in a nutshell.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter break. We sure did! I have just finished downloading my 230 + photos. I will share more with you over the next few posts.

We arrived at Green Oak lunch time Friday and not long after it rained for a good 15 minutes. The rain there is perfect. It doesn't usually last long, cools you down and fills the tanks! ...and is great for washing your hair! These are Matt's Nieces.

After the rain it was time for us to go and see how much the river had changed from the flood in January. House to the river is about a 5 minute drive through the paddocks. Combi runs down to use up some energy. Lots of smells to be smelt. At this one tree she must have found something of interest and stopped, as we caught up to her whatever she had found spooked her and she ran backwards... under the car... She is OK, nothing seems broken. She is badly cut on a back leg and will have some war scars but the swelling is going down. She did have a pretty sad few days.

The next day we had another attempt at seeing the river...we made it!

..but when we went to get in the new tipped! to my wonderful husbands defence the canoe had never been used by the family before so we didn't know how bad it was! You couldn't breath with out it rocking! So the 3 of us were in and as he went to step in we tipped! Liberty was not impressed and we struggled to get her in another canoe or boat, but she did get in and she loved it! Her job was to wind the fishing reels at inappropriate times!

That blue bag on the bank you see saved my camera from drowning. My inability to go anywhere without a Pepsi payed off. I had the camera in its bag, in the drink bag. The drink bag was soaked and the outside of the camera bag wet but not soaked through...

Apart from those incidents we came good and had a great long weekend. The kids played so well. We got to see family we haven't seen for 2 or 3 years...or longer... Rick came from Innisfail for the occasion. The occasion was to celebrate Matt's parents 50th wedding anniversary.

Shawn caught a good size fish, Matt got to ride his nephews moto, super cross something bike that is apparently "so powerful it is scary" , Liberty slept perfectly.

The Easter Bunny came and a possum followed behind to take the eggs through the night, but the Bunny was too smart and hung the baskets up high. We had a little bat in our bedroom one morning.

We did make it home in time for our 2nd annual Easter egg hunt with the Baldwin girls..I love egg hunts!!! :) Liberty was pretty much over everything at this stage, but she did pretty good.

Well as you can see from all of my excitement over the weekend I am sleepy... I will share more pics tomorrow....night x


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hipity Hopity


This afternoon we went to Moniques birthday party and had a wonderful time. If anyone needs a cake, Pam is going into the decorating business :)

"Astro Blasters" is the LO I did last night as a blind crop with Scrap Therapy. I am really enjoying their Blind crops, this was my 2nd.

Well tomorrow we are away for three nights. I have packed...a little... not enough because where I am going I can't run out and buy what I need!

Everyone drive responsibly and my biggest pet peve...Please do not talk on your phone and drive!! I can't believe how many people still do that!!! Hands free, blue tooth fine, but holding that phone....anyway....

Have a Hipity, Hopity Easter everyone! x

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March Jack

This LO serves two purposes. It was this weeks (week 3) page for the 52 week challenge over at Scrapping Jewels. It is also my entry for Scrapjacked. This is my Liberty and her friend Jessica, who lives 3 hours away. I have a lot of photos of them together but nothing I can really use.... When Jess visited earlier this month, I dressed Liberty is similar colours so I could make an attempt at getting a good photo....Silly me!!! So I scraped the fact that I couldn't get a good photo.
It dawned on me late last night that this weekend is Easter and I am not ready in at all! So tonight is shopping... We are going away Friday for the holidays. It is Matt's parents 50th wedding anniversary soon so we are all getting together at Green Oak. I think there will be 31 of us, so not quite everyone. That is 31 electricity, one pit loo, one camp shower, one beautiful big river, a few boats and canoes, lots of fishing gear. We are set! :)

Monday, March 17, 2008


This is my favourite city, for so many wonderful reasons. I have only been there once for 4 days back in the northern winter of 2004. Shawn was 4 1/2. I would love to spend some time in this city as a local...3 months would be day...
I just had to use the Making Memories 5th Avenue papers for my 5th Avenue photo! I can see why they named the range after the street. I had some help with this LO (thats why it looks so good) It is not my normal style and I wanted to do something a bit out of my norm. At the Friday night crop I went to I sat with Meg and Pam and get help from them... thanks my friends x
the title was created a few years ago when I was at another photo store...before digital.... I wrote on a developed blank neg and printed it upside down...looks pretty cool :)
Miss Liberty is awake...bye....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Week 3...

I have just posted the 3rd weeks challenge over at Julies Scrapping Jewels.
I love this of my favs!
Don't forget it is not too late to join in we are only at week 3 of 52!!!! I am tired just thinking about it! LOL

Where to start...

Lets start with Friday. Matt had the day off work so Liberty and I joined him for a trip to his parents. While he serviced our car ready for rego (yuck!) Liberty and I cleaned Eileens bathrooms and floors and did some dusting. Her leg from the graft is just to icky to mention....did not take at all... Anyway...I was glad I was able to help her out. I have wonderful in-laws! That afternoon Shawn raced in the door after school wanting to walk his girlfriend home!!! This is my 7 year old and his "girlfriend" that he doesn't talk to or about. (the best kind at his age lol) In my state of shock I did agree and they had a fun afternoon. I went to the local pub, not my usual thing, but it was to sell tickets for the school P&C. After that I went for a night of scrapping! This page is the first thing I did. Nice and quick! It will be for the 123 challenge.
Saturday I worked for money.....
That night we (Pam, Meg & myself) went out for an "hour". Matt was good enough to watch 2 of Pams girls while we did this.... The "only an hour" that Matt would have the girls turned into 14 hours!!! We didn't get home until 10.30 so the kids had all crashed out on the lounge room floor in sleeping bags. They were just so cute, I wouldn't let Pam take them, so there they slept all night...
That brings me to today and up too date! I have some DT pages that I can hopefully post latter in the week! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! x

Thursday, March 13, 2008

2 x Tagged!

I have been tagged....
The first one was a week or so ago from Megan. I am going to be a party pooper and not post the correct 'rules'... You had to tell the blogging world something about you, using the letters of your middle name. Here I go....
A - Addicted to Pepsi, I don't just mean I like it...I NEED it!!!
N - Not a numbers girl. I was the first person to not do Science or Maths for the HSC at my school.
N - Neatness is not a strong point! Clean is, but not neat :}
E - Endurance athlete I am not!

Now the next one I have done before on this blog and it is from Angie over at A little light relief.
You have to post 7 weird and wonderful facts about yourself and then tag other bloggers to do the same.
1. I saw Keith Urban the year he made Star Maker (1992?) in Tamworth and have looooved him ever since.
2. My Mum took me and my best friend to our first concert when we were in year 10. It was to see The Beach Boys at Narrabean beach...John Stamos was the bongo player! :)
3. All I ever wanted to be in school was a fashion designer...
4. I would like to get an AVO on the electricity meter reader so I don't get a bill!
5. I had a cat that was exactly like the cat in Pet Cemetery!! Spooky
6. I have seen the theatre production of Les Miserable about 12 times.... I like it!
7. I travelled to America to see my Dad, on my own for the first time when I was 13!

Well now that I have bored you senceless...If you have never been tagged and would like to be...Tag, your it! :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Green pen anyone????

This is my effort for the White With 1 Challenge. this month it is Green and the word Luck or Lucky. This is not what I had in mind at all for this! I am not happy with it...oh well... Funny how not having the correct colour green pen made everything so different! I did get to use the Fancy Pants felt that I got with my winnings from Scrapapple a few weeks ago. Looks like I get to go shopping again, as I also won last weekend with the LO in the previous post.

On a not so happy note. My great Aunt passed away lastnight. Not sure when the funeral will be, but I am guessing it will be a busy weekend with out-of-town visitors.

I would also like to thank all of my blog visitors for stopping by my little blog :) Thanks to those of you who leave comments x

Well I have another page to get busy with for JSJ...Byeeeee x

Monday, March 10, 2008


This LO was for the Scrapapple weekend comp. The cutie is my Goddaughter Jessica, or as she is known to Liberty Jess-ee-ca. The challenge was to use lace, so I cut up an old piece of lace collar from my Grandmothers stash. The photo doesn't pick up the Kindy Glitz....Can you believe I used it...again...LOL I tipped the flowers to look like dew and highlighted the scroll.
Miss Liberty has had a high temp for 3 days now. I think it peaked today and the rash broke out. My money is on Roseola. Usually I would have her at the doctor by now, but as I am sure it is a 'virus' and that I am doing everything I can...I am watching and waiting....
Well not much else to share really. Before I go the 2nd week is up at Scrapping Jewels for the 52 week challenge. to see my page click HERE. :)
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Sunday, March 9, 2008

See Spot Jump!

This is our Liver spot Dalmatian, Combi. She loves to jump, it is alot like the style of a Kangaroo! :) This is my effort for the Scrapping Jewels March Challenge. Sorry the angle of the photo is so bad...I am very impatient this morning. :)
Yesterday I worked in the morning then in the afternoon Matt helped me dig out some plants to pot ready for the school September. I was given 30 pots and we planted 28, we ran out of potting mix. I still have plenty of Arum lillies so I could do another 30 easily!
Well I want to get started on another page so enjoy the rest of your Sunday x

Friday, March 7, 2008

Last of the 4!

This is Miss Courtney on my last of the Basic Grey 2 scoops Dt kit I was lucky to play with! I scrapped yesterday but can't show yet as it is for the week 2 of JSJ 52 week challenge. I think I like it.....
Well Matt picked up a 'parts bike' the same as his old motorbike. So it looks like he has a 'project' to tinker with. I wish we had put in a decent shed when we built the day... I hope Matt and Shawn will have some great father and son moments over these bikes.
Shawn had his new friend Gwalty (not sure of spelling) come around after school. I must say I think it has been a good week since I have seen him this happy...I will have to work on that somehow. Tonight he helped me cover some school books for his class. I had to stop as my thumb nail said enough is enough. Yes, my thumb nail can talk!!! LOL
good night! x

Thursday, March 6, 2008

These two cards are also part of my DT work from last month. Using Basic Grey 2 Scoops. The 'swirl' paper is so easy to use!!
Today Shawn had his first game of Basketball for the year and loved it! Goes to show how poor his health and fitness have been. After that we went and visited Matt's Mum in hospital. She had a large skin cancer removed from her shin...She is doing so well!
We arrived home and Liberty went straight out to make sure Combi hadn't escaped again. Shawn had the best game with her. Combi has a rope toy in a figure 8. Shawn held on to one end and Combi gripped down with her teeth on the other and dragged him around the yard! Talk about cheap entertainment!!
When you get a chance go and check out Sheetload of Cards....I just love the name!!! They are have a March celebration with loads of giveaways!!
Well I am going to attempt the Scrapping Jewels March Card Sketch Challenge. I have never done a card sketch challenge before.... night x

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I never did share.

This is one of the LO's I did with my first JSJ DT kit. I loved working with the 2 scoops range, so much so that I ordered some more to have on hand and never use!!! Apart from BG 2 Scoops products I have used K&Co 'Addison' chip alphas, Bazzill bloom, CK rub-on's, MM {Note}worthy journal sheet and some vellum.

This is a photo of my Mum, taken 9 years ago at my wedding. The journaling is along the lines of how I often forget that she is not just my mother, but so much more!

Well i better keep moving so much to do....... :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Alrighty I have been meaning to post this before. Thanks Julia for reminding me :)
When you go to Scrapping Jewels you may get a security message. To make it go away, this is what you do...

On your browser toolbar go to :
Internet Options
Custom Level
Scroll down about halfway to "Display Mixed Content" and select "enable"

I am told it pops up because Julie has 'super security' on her site. Some sites you get advertisers, sexual content etc leaving messages. This security makes sure this does not happen.
For the past 24hours another message was coming up at login but that seems to have gone now....I hope.... :)

Hope this helps!!! x

Monday, March 3, 2008

Dates for your Diary.

Last night we set a date for the next Scrapping Jewels Cyber Crop. April 4-5-6. Looks like I get to play Blind scrapping!!!! YAY! I am very excited!! Lots of fun things planned. Watch this space! this is super exciting (for me anyway...) Starting today, over at JSJ is a
52 week challenge!!!! Based on Elsie Flannigans book. I have joined in on one of these before and LOVED it!! (unfortunately the site was sold and the challenge stopped!) This is a no pressure challenge. It would be great if you did your LO in that week, but not necessary, you can work at your pace.
Now this is my baby... so as you can imagine I would like to see it do well. I am not above bribes to see that happen :) sooooo anyone who reads my blog and completes the first 4 weeks, in time, gets a RAK from little ole me! I have no idea what the RAK will be. It could be my Daughter who should be asleep but isn't....LOL. Leave me a message and keep me posted if you join in!

The March sketch challenge is also up at JSJ. You will find all of the info
HERE. It is a great Challenge...The prize is beautiful.... Miss Meg was last months winner!!! You Rock!! :)

Words from the wise...."Do yourself a favour!"

Update....Liberty couldn't sleep because she didn't like the clothes she had on. So I will include her wardrobe in the RAK!!! :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Blind Cyber Crop

It has been 2 days since my last post...sorry Pam forgive me... :)
A few nights ago I joined in at Scrap Therapy for a Blind Cyber Crop. This is the LO I produced. If you ever get the chance to do one, do it! Great fun. Hopefully, fingers crossed we will do one at Scrapping Jewels....hopefully! Watch this space...
Tonight we had Amanda & Roy down for dinner. It is nice that they make the time to see us when they come 'home'. I feel a little like I can return the hospitallity for all the times we go up to visit. I have known Moo for 18 years...when you get to this stage you are beyond friends, you are sisters so what I am about to say is in no way offensive..... Sometimes we call her Phoebe...from friends....That is so her!! :)
Tomorrow afternoon the girls will get to have a play.
Now I need sleep...x