Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Boys Toys!

This is Matt's new toy. He spotted this on ebay Sunday afternoon and drove 3 hours to look at it Monday after work... and it followed him home!
When Matt and I first started going out he rode a bike, very cool! ;)
This bike needs very little TLC. A new tyre and some work on the tank sticker that has been put on badly. It is registered and insured ready to go!
Shawn and Liberty love it!

Monday, April 27, 2009

This scrap page is from much warmer days... it is so frosty outside!

Today Liberty and Shawn went up to Grandmas so I could get some sewing done for the Deb Ball. My poor old overlocker is struggling and it needs a service. If it plays nice and gets me through I will treat it to a make over!

One month and one day until our trip!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mr Lucas

This is my Godson to be... How exciting!!!! The Ferris Four were in town and stopped in for a bit Saturday. Matt & I were asked to be his Godparents... Of course we said yes! He is the happiest little man!
Today we went to Tamworth for a quick trip to spotlight for some pink thread.... exciting isn't it? :)
This afternoon I had a very special delivery. Pam personally delivered to me a big,yummy bowl of her Pumpkin soup.... soooo good. I just finished a mug while tucked up in bed and I could just curl up and sleep. After Pam's generosity and kindness, I put her to work wrapping Mother's Day gifts for the school :) Thanks Pam!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Friday!

Sorry my posts are becoming far and few between... life is busy, too busy at the moment! If I can get all the the school P&C stuff done and send out my UEMC street parade info asap then I can focus on our trip to NYC and Pittsburgh.... Anyway, I will stop my complaing, it is Friday after all! :)
This is my Sky Watch Friday image. I took this Monday evening. I was on my way home from Armidale and the whole 15min drive wished I had a camera with me.... Just as I pulled into town it dawned on me.... I went to Armidale to pick up my new D90, it was on the floor beside me!!! See, I have way to much on my mind! :) I had missed all of the open sky shots, but I did manage to take this shot in Alma Park.
Yesterday was a great school holiday day. Just what the kids (and I) needed. My distant cousin was up this way with his 2 kids. We had a great day hanging out. Met up with my friends at an indoor play centre, then McD's. Later in the afternoon the kids got back together for some PS2 and hide and seek. A very refreshing day!
Well time to start the day... Happy SWF!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My new baby...

Isn't she beautiful....
I traded in my D60 for the D90. I am so much happier... I have not had much of a chance to play, but the little things make so much of a difference. The flash for a start is more balanced and even. All 11 focus points... Bliss.
I worked yesterday afternoon and had a great time. I caught up with some customers I had not see in years, 5 years. I even saw a guy I used to work with... he had grown up, in such a good way! It was just great to get out of this house!!! These school holidays are really testing me!
Today I finished designing the Deb Ball tickets then printed and cut them out... all 200 of them. It was the perfect job for today. Yesterday at work I twisted my knee, so I needed to get it up. I am off to ice it again! Bye x
If anyone needs a spare battery for a D60 I have one goping at a good price....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's a bit chilly!

Sunday. Well the weekend is almost over. I love weekends, but they just fly past so quickly!
Both Shawn and Liberty are unwell so they are on the couch with a DVD. Hopefully they will both fall asleep (yeah, right!) I am going to finish this post and then start on something crafty.... not sure what yet, but I will come up with something! It has been awhile since I have sat at my craft table. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! :)
I took this pic of a busy bee last week on a trip to the park. We had an Easter egg hunt with some friends. We enjoyed the sun while it was out, it has certainly left today!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mighty Macleay

This morning I realised I didn't have a Sky Watch Friday pic, so I stepped out my front door and saw this Magpie perched up on the electricity pole. Not a cloud in the sky! I really must get out and take some Autumn shots before it is to late.

This landscape is of the mighty Macleay River. The property is Green Oak and I took this shot last Saturday. When the river flooded a few weeks ago, 6 meters of extra water went through. In this photo it is approx half a meter above 'normal'. I can't imagine what 6 meters would be like. In the flood of 1949 water surrounded the house. That is the house in the top right.

If you click on the photo it should come up larger for a closer look :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Long Weekend 2009

Well we had a great Easter break!
Friday we went down to Green Oak on the Macleay river. The flood certainly made it's mark! We got some good quality fishing in and between the 9 of us who were down there got over 20 keepers. Shawn does love his crumbed fish. Nothing beats catching you own and helping your pop prepare and cook it!
We were to have done some major fencing while away but the river was still to high and moving much to quickly to cross with all of the gear. Saturday morning we decided to take a road trip to Stoney Park and watch some of the Australian National Waterski Championships. Matt enjoyed watching and looking at the park set up... I enjoyed taking over 300 photos :) I have not had a chance to look through them all and have a play yet.
Sunday the Easter Bunny had visited, Shawn and Liberty were very excited! It rained on and off most of the day, but at least it wasn't cold. We went on the 4 wheeler and took the dogs for a good run. That afternoon we went fishing for hours.... It was lovely! I will post some photos of the river later on.
Now we are home and all four of us have colds and sore throats... apart from catching up on all of the washing I plan on doing very little!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Time!

This is my Sky Watch Friday shot for this week. We have been spending a few afternoon's over at the basketball courts. Liberty rides her bike around and around and around... Shawn either rides his skateboard or shoots hoops with Matt. I roam about with my camera :)

This has been a very busy week. I am looking forward to going away and relaxing for 4 days. Just to get out of the rut that is my house, will be a pleasant change!

I had photoshop on at TAFE tonight. It was a pretty laid back class tonight, but I am still really enjoying it.

Well where ever you may be this Easter, enjoy! I will be back next week x

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hump Day!

Did anyone see where today went?
Actually it wasn't that bad... I just didn't get anything done at home. I had a meeting at the school all day. We did break for the school ANZAC Assembly. At 2pm when I was done in the meeting I did go and see Shawn's wonderful art work. His extension art class had a gallery day for the community... When Shawn was 'manning' the gallery he also serenaded the patrons with his guitar skills...... I always had a soft spot for the guitar player :)
Miss Liberty had Pre School today. She is really looking forward to Molly starting next term. Yesterday we went to the pub for lunch and she got to play with Molly in the kiddie area... they are very cute....
Well I have some things to do before Criminal Minds starts in half an hour.... bye...... x
* I have been busy scrapping up a storm... I just can't show you yet.... but cross fingers for me :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

A fun evening!

Tonight I got to play florist... Rach's Mum if a fantastic florist, many moons ago she did my wedding flowers. For years I have been asking Rach to take me to watch her in action... I guess she got sick of me asking! So Rach, Pam and I got to be good little helpers and wire Camellia leaves. Three hours and a red wine with blackberry ice (yummm) later I have mastered florist tape! I think i will keep my day job, but I had a great night, Thanks Rhonda :)

I did this LO a few weeks ago of my handsome man. I love this pic of him taken on Crazy Hair Day. He has the most beautiful big brown eyes...

Sky Watch Friday

We have had more wild weather in our part of the world. Where we are, we have missed the brunt of it, but have been affected with family stuck, roads closed etc.
I caught this image through the week.
Last night was TAFE night and I really enjoyed it.
Have a great weekend everyone!
To check out more images from around the world click HERE

April 123 Challenge

CRITERIA ONE Use at least 2 stamps and at least 2 different stamping techniques
CRITERIA TWO paint splattering
CRITERIA THREE Use scrap paper from your scrap stash

HERE for more info.

I missed last months so I will hopefully get a chance to tackle this one!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

so cute!

Today Liberty went to Preschool, she is always so happy to see us when we pick her up. Today she made this Easter Hat and wanted to come straight home and have her photo taken.
Shawn has Guitar lessons on Wednesday today he mastered a rift from Creams, Sunshine of your love. He looks so at home holding a guitar.
Not a lot going really, busy with the some old, same old...
I am looking forward to the Easter holidays.