Monday, July 28, 2008

I have been so busy lately.
Possibly more running around than actual progress...
Today I was able to cross some things off my long list...and it feels good! :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Pepsi Can!

This is what was in my suprise tin from Miss Courtney, a can of Pepsi!! How cool is that! I always keep Pam's fridge stocked with Pepsi... saves me taking my own!
Yesterday and today I worked. I did an 11 hour day yesterday. It has been a looong time since I have done a days 'paid employment'.
Tonight I am heading around to Pam's to scrap with the girls. So looking forward to it... so I better go and get dinner done! Byeeee

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dance Party at my place!

Shawn, Liberty and myself just had a rockin good time dancing to the tunes on the radio. Very rarely does the radio play a few good songs in a row. Now I am having a rest :)
This is another LO that I did with my JSJ DT Kit. These pics were of Liberty on her first birthday. So, so cute!
Today was so cold. winter for sure!
This morning Miss Molly came to see 'Bitty'. Then Liberty and I went out for awhile. This afternoon I went over to the school to collect the Wonder Bread bags. We now have a total of 65....we need 1111 to get a sports pack.............. I may have been a bit ambitious. Hopefully we will get at least 1 pack.
After school the kids and I went out to have birthday cake with the beautiful Miss Indi. 6. I can still see her as a little baby on my couch.
Now I have to come up with a page for the JSJ CC that starts tomorrow night.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Straight to the pool room!

How cool am I... that is not a need to answer... lol
The very talented Relsi surprised me with this award.
To pay it forward I am to tag 7 other blogs that I find to be outstanding... I won't be able to come up with 7 now, and I am pretty sure Tim Holtz and Elsie Flannagan don't need this award! lol
1. Has to be Miss Meg, who inspired me to start this blogging journey. (you would think I had just been awarded an Oscar! lol)
2. With out a doubt has to be Kristy, who has become a wonderful blogging friend :)
I am going to stop at 2... I look at so many great blogs, most have already been tagged in some form. I don't really know where to go from here.
Thanks Relsi :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Thank you!

Look what I had delivered to me today. The lovely Miss Courtney made this for me as a thank you for looking after her dog while she was away. She has done a fantastic job! She rode her bike across the highway to deliver it... I was pretty chuffed! :) I won't tell you just yet what was inside of the tin, I will see if anyone can guess. Let me just say, she knows me well!
So Courtney stayed for most of the morning and the kids played shops. Liberty loves playing shops!
I had a full afternoon of P&C stuff, so I achieved nothing... I love the P&C. I enjoying coming up with ideas to raise money and help the kids and school... I don't like the 'formal' side of things...anyway!
Well I am now off to make a card... bye x

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Celebrate the Creative Team Comp

Over at 123 Challenge they are having a new competition to introduce the Creative Team.
It involves no scrapping!!
So if you are keen to win a $25 Voucher to spend on Scrapbooking goodies head on over and enter.

Click HERE

Also keep in mind that the next Julie's Scrapping Jewels Cyber Crop is on the last weekend in July... Next Weekend!!!

Cheaper than therapy!

This is my last entry for the SBM @ Scrap Therapy. The challenge was to scrap about why, how etc you scrap. I had forgotten this was due today, about 2 am I remembered. Thank you Liberty for napping so I could get it done! Any of the photos I post should come up larger if you click on them :)
Matt and Shawn went and got a load of wood today that we were desperate for.
Yesterday I worked and then headed up to the football to help out in the canteen. It was good this week both Rach and Meg were in there so it made for a very entertaining afternoon. :)
I think I will now head over to the school and even out the softfall that was delivered. It has been quite a nice day. Liberty and I did some gardening this morning, lots more needs doing.
Hope you are all having a great weekend! x

Thursday, July 17, 2008

123 Creative Team

Today I officially became apart of the 123 Challenge Creative Team!

It means a few things... but mostly it means I will have to up my game and put together some pretty fantastic lay outs for the monthly challenges now... The only major down side I have come across, is that my picture is on the site, no one needs to see that!

I discovered the 123 site in August 07 and think I have only missed 4 months since. I enjoy the challenge and being part of the creative team should be fun! Thanks Charmane :)
Yesterdays post shows the LO I did for this month. The page posted here is the first page I did for the 123 challenge.
On the home front, Matt was away last night and is home now. This morning I took Shawn up to Armidale to Kidzworld so he could have a good run around and I could have a catch up with the girls. Liberty stayed with Grandma. She is just the wrong age to be at Kidzworld, to old for the baby area and not big enough to play on the big stuff.
This afternoon some of my family members went to my Great Aunts house for a cuppa. She has been in hospital with a broken leg for almost 8 weeks and came home for the afternoon. I think she was very happy! After that I thought I would take Liberty around to see her Pam. It had been 2 weeks!! Great idea that was, Liberty fell hitting her head and the bridge of her nose... not pretty...
Anyway this is a long post... thanks for stopping, bye :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is my latest page, my entry for the July 123 Challenge. The criteria was to use string as a border, stamping and the colours Pink, orange, red and green.
This morning Shawn went out to his mate Nash's for a few hours. Liberty and I had a few things to do around town and when we got back the new softfall had been delivered to the school playground. So I made the few phone calls that I had to and hopefully the bobcat can come in tomorrow and work it's magic so the kids can have full use on the first day back!
Shawn and Liberty are sleeping in the same room together tonight... The trundle bed Shawn's friend slept on was still up... I hope I don't regret this!! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Free to good home.

2 children. 1 male aged 8 and 1 female aged 2 going on 22. These children are in great working order (sort of). They can talk very well and have a great knowledge of all things Star Wars or Pirates. They are currently clean, but I can not guarantee for how long. They can walk perfectly well except when it comes to getting a drink or finding something that they have lost. The girl has a hunger for knowledge and constantly asks 'What is that' even when she knows the answer, no, this is not annoying at all!!!
Anyway.... You get the general flow of my day...
This is a LO I did as part of my Scrapping Jewels DT kit. The papers are DCWV and they were so lovely to work with. Not what I would normally purchase online, but in real life they are yummy and glittery! Everything on that page came in the kit except the alphas. The kit is called Bright & Beautiful, yes named after myself.... lol From it I created 3 single LO's and 3 cards. I think I could even get another card or two from the scraps! All of that for $16.95.
Well I better go and get myself another strong drink... Pepsi, on the rocks!
Hope your day is going smoothly!
Welcome home Pam!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Half way...

It is now the middle of the school holidays. Shawn has a friend sleeping over tonight, Turner. They have just finished on the PS2 and are now in bed... I hear giggles...
This photo of my beautiful children was taken a few days ago, they were dancing.
Matt went and played golf today, first time in awhile. I love it when he plays with Garth, they have a great time and are not gone all day! :)
I have almost finished a new LO, so hopefully I can share tomorrow.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My new fav.

This is my new favourite photo. I had it printed and it has so much depth in it. The snow falling was perfect. The colours are great, with Liberty highlighted. Hummm, how to scrap it so I don't take away from it... I wanted to scrap it tonight but just didn't have the creativity in me!
Long day, I am off to bed.

Friday, July 11, 2008

My New Calendar Base

This is my latest creation for the Scrap Therapy MBM comp. Criteria was to make a calendar for next year. I decided to make a base from a canvas, 18x18, and decorate that to hold a normal everyday calendar, one that you could pick up for free anywhere. It was had to get a good photo of, being black. It will look great in my scrap room, me thinks! :)
This morning I spent a few hours swapping emails with my Dad, it makes the world a little smaller. He lives on the east side of America. I then sorted through some boxes of stuff that I had piled up in the laundry. While I was doing that I thought I would go and meet up with Mum for lunch, Chinese..... After a look around and a stop in at my work to get some snow photos printed, I headed home. Home is where I found my beautiful Miss Liberty with very red, yucky eyes.... can I not have a healthy day in this house? The local doctor must have left early as they were not answering the phone, so I raced to the chemist and have the best that they can give for conjunctivitis without a script. Hope it works!! She must be so blocked up from this cold, poor little girl. She takes her medicines so well... much better than her brother...
I have an early start for work tomorrow so I am off to bed! night

My Daddy!

My Dad has internet at home now!! That, to me is super exciting! I am sure he will love to see his photo up! :)
I love you Dad xxx

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rest of yesterdays photos.

These are the last of the snow pics from yesterday. Shawn being towed through the snow, is in the house block next to us. The others are at the Doran's, and yes Rach... not possible to get a photo of you with your mouth shut! :) But I will keep trying...
This morning I could not get warm... the sun is out now so hopefully the house will warm up a little before it is time to shut the curtains, before the heat gets out.
Shawn has gone to KidsWorld (indoor play place) with a friend so that is great for him, he will have a ball! Liberty decided that she wouldn't nap today, her Grandma heard about this so has taken her for an hour to play. Lucky kids!
Well I better make the most of my time....byeeee....
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It got better...much better!

It snowed and sleeted on and off all day. About 2pm the snow came down thick and settled. It snowed like this for maybe 30 mins then the sun came out and it was gone. At about 4 it came again, this time we went for a drive to see how the town looked. We headed for the lookout first, we had a wonderful view of fog, so we headed out to the Dorans on the hill. We arrived there just as they were putting the finishing touches on the snowman. He was fantastic, with his organic nose and eyes. :)
This afternoon I took 114 images... thank goodness for digital! I will share more tomorrow!
Keep warm! :)
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A little bit of the white stuff.

Hardly worth taking a photo really, but it may be all we get! It is cold and miserable out today, my fire is burning away...
Yesterday was a great day! Shawn and Liberty went to Grandmas to continue with the cubby building. While they were gone I got so much done, the standard things plus a few extras. I must say it felt good to get things done!
Yesterday afternoon, Shawn and Liberty danced the day away. They are so good to me, I got some lovely photos...
Well I better try and find some of the energy that I had yesterday and get some things done.
Thanks for stopping by! :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Wonder School

Not much happened in our little home today. We all slept in, I cleaned the kitchen, did some washing, had morning tea with Grandma, Liberty napped, Shawn played PS2, both kids went to Grandmas to build cubby's, I did some running around, dinner and done! :)
Wonder Bread has a promotion running for primary schools. Each specially marked bag is worth a point, points are then redeemed for sporting gear. Our school is is desperate need for sporting equipment. Matt has been taking kids for sport and doing basketball, 20 kids and 4 balls...
I have been co-ordinating the collection of these bags and that has kept me busy for the past few weeks, making collection points for the class room, charts, covered boxes for the local supermarkets etc. I really hope we can do well from this.
We also had a few drops of rain today, hopefully tomorrow we might get lots more! night x

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Grafton Weekend

We spent the weekend up in Grafton. It will probably be the last time we see the Ferris' as a Family of 3. Amanda is due to have her 2nd baby in 3 weeks.
We had a good weekend of playing in the park. Boys kicked the footy and the 2 little ladies played on the slide. It is a great park! I came away from the weekend with the Rummy Championship. I won 5 games in a row. Pretty good I thought! Roy wouldn't let anyone go to bed until I was defeated, knowing just how tired Amanda was I threw the game, and Roy won :)
Since we have been home I have done all of the washing, cooked dinner, kids are clean, one is in bed and the dog is on the other bed waiting for Shawn. Matt and Shawn are parked in front of the TV, too tired to move. I calculated, that since Wednesday, 5 days, Matt has driven approx 2400 km's. No wonder he is tired. Add a cold to that and he is spent! He will have another big week ahead of him to make up for time lost travelling and being sick.
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Friday, July 4, 2008

School holdays begin...

Today is the last day of school for Shawn, then 2 weeks holiday! I like the school holidays. It is nice for Shawn and Liberty to just play together.
Yesterday I had the shock of the year when my Father called me. I can recall maybe 3 times this has happened in 10 years... But anyway....that is ok, I have learned that, that is him, my father. He was calling to let me know some bad news. My Grandmothers sister passed away, she had been ill for many years.
Well I better keep moving we are heading off to Grafton for the weekend. I hear a rumor that there is a new scrapbook shop. So I better go and confirm that! Happy weekend everyone! I would love to see some snow these holidays. These photos were taken over at Dads in America Christmas 05. I have only just scrapped them recently. x

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sneaky Peak!

This is a teeny tiny sneak peak of some of my DT work for JSJ. The paper is so yummy! DCWV. I would not have been drawn to this paper normally, but I loved working with it! Watch this space....
Miss Liberty is doing so much better. Shawn is the only one without a cold. (touch wood)
I have been so super busy with DT work, P&C and the Wonder School promotion and UEMC. I am looking forward to having a little, tiny break. I was thinking yesterday how much time I use to waste. I must say I am enjoying being 'productive'. I would like to be a little less busy, but I am enjoying it all!
Now it is time for me to go to bed and read last Sundays paper! lol