Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Living Treasures

Today we headed down to Acme and went to a country store and Living Treasures animal park. The kids had a great time! Once Liberty got over her fear of feeding the animals she would feed almost anything. The kangaroo had the most slobber, even over the camel that sucked down my whole hand.
I had been to Living Treasures a few times, but it was great to go with the kids!

The weather is not as nice as it should be for this time of year. Scattered showers make going out a bit tricky. Our neighbour was almost hit by lightening today.

Now we are watching Dancing with the stars... I think Australia does it better :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Too Much?

...and I missed some!!!

This is what happens when Grandpa Is left in charge of Easter supplies. The kids got all of this plus toys, hats and other novelty items.

If someone could please call my gym and renew my membership and also the kids dentist may need a call!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


We have now had a few days in Greensburg. Yesterday we went to my Grandmother's for Good Friday. It was so wonderful to see family... The top image is my Grandmother's 4 Grand Daughters all together for the first time in a very, very long time!

Today we went to Schramm's,a family owned bbakeyand produce store. We saw the Easter Bunny,the real Easter bunny! The kids went on an Easter Egg hunt in a field and they had a great time! Now, the carrots are out in the yard and the baskets are ready.
Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Had a fantastic, busy, fun, exhausting 3 days.
Just thoughtI would share a few pics. We did almost every ride, well we didevvery one we wanted too, some twice. went on some new adventures and saw some new shows. Disney really puts on some great after dark shows, so it was late nights and early starts.
We are in Greensburg now waiting for the Spring weather to kick in!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jack Hanna

We were lucky to be at Sea World on a day when Jack Hanna did a show.
I love watching his TV shows!
We wven got to meet him after and the kids goan autograph...I was more excited though!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 2 - Sea World San Diego

We LOVE Sea World!
Shawn and Liberty were sogoodand had the best day, I think Liberty skipped everywhere!
The photos are 1. the journey to Atlantis ride, unfortunately I had to mind the bags soI didn't get to ride... hehehehe Matt, Shawn and Liberty all went on. No tears from Liberty, but they were wet when they got off and she did say she wasn't going on it again...
Shawn and Liberty touched Sea Stars in the tide pools.
Shamu... that is him with the bent fin, he is huge! Killer Whales are the 2nd widest spread mamals on earth.First are humans!
The Pets Rule show was fantastic!
I could type all day about Sea World but Shawns laptop keys are small and this is too much of a challengee this morning!

Friday, April 15, 2011

La Jolla, San Diego

Flight went reasonably fast, so Matt and I thought, Shawn and Liberty not so much :)
After we waited to get through customs we made our way to Alamo where we were upgraded to a premium car (so we could fit our bags in. 2 bags of gifts,too much?
We have a Ford Crown Victoria for the next few days,lovely interior, the kids can play basketball in the back!
Our first stop was Santa Monica Pier.It was a great place to get out and play. Matt and the kids did some rides, Matt shot a few hoops and we had a short walk on the beach. Then back on the road.
Shawn had a great drive down watching all of the cars and taking photos of them.
Matt did so well driving, especially with the king size bed we are driving!
So we are now at the La Lolla Travelodge. It is a beautiful coastal town. First thing that caught my eye, is the shops are so unique and really well presented. No run down, empty spaces.
Soafter dinner at Denny's we made our way into our beds.The others are still asleep. I slept so well and felt refreshed ready to go... Then ilooked at the clock 12.34AM... It was all down hill from there...
Off to Sea World today!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

11 Sleeps!

In 13 sleeps we will be playing at "The Happiest Place On Earth".
We are so very excited!

Yesterday Matt got the suitcases down from in the roof ready to start putting some things in. In one of the suitcases was my wedding dress.

I spent months and months making this dress (over 12 years ago) sewing hundreds and hundreds of pearl beads and Swarovski crystals. But I never had this dress cleaned after the big event. So, I washed it in the washing machine. I thought all of the bead coatings would be off and I would be left with dull white beads, not the case! I made sure I started out with the best quality beads I could sorce and it paid off! (Thanks to 6 months at fashion college!)

So for now it is back to the packing. At this stage, it looks like I am packing for sun and snow... hummmm I do love a good packing challenge! :)