Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thanks Cindy.

blinkiejsjThanks for the super cool, all important blinkie Cindy!!

Back to school pic.

This is one of the pics I took of Shawn's first day of year 2. I do have some just of him, but his sister can't miss a photo opp! This is Liberty's new 'Cheese' face....lucky me.... Usually the chin goes up and the eyes more closed! Looks like Shawns school is getting a lot more enrolements than expected so we don't know who his teacher will be yet. As long as he continues to enjoy school and learning as he has been I will be thrilled!

I still only have 12 fry. They have grown so much. Very hard to get a photo of as they are in a special breeding tank that floats in the main tank. Lots of reflections. You can see 2 in this shot and the Mummy along the bottom right. I think I am the proud Mum! LOL

Today was the first day of school for 3 special girls that I know. Miss Indy broke my tears when she stopped in before school. So grown up...and her mother did her hair... (I know Rach,I can't talk) I so want to call them and see how their day was...

Well I better get a few more computer bits done so I can hopefully scrap...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So much to share!

Where to start! We had a great long weekend away. Matt got to play with his new wake skis. He is still not 100% after the pox, but he will get there. Shawn had a super time in the pool. As you can see in the 2nd photo Liberty thought the pool was a good place to nap! Her and Jess had a great time. They played so well together, I don't think there were any toddler disagreements. Amanda has a lovely baby belly, but that morning sickness has made it's self known...
We arrived home yesterday, had 30mins to unpack then it was off to Armidale for Shawns 'back to school' haircut and pick up supplies...last minute :)
Today he is back at school, Yr 2.....
This morning Meg came around, yes she is back from her holiday and I will have to return her scrap stash.... I might have one last binge tonight...LOL
While Meg was here I noticed that the Dalmatian Molly (fish) was not pregnant anymore!!!! So far I have counted 9!!!!! I am a Mummy!! I am soooo excited....
Well I better get busy while Liberty is asleep. This place is a mess......

Update - make that 12 baby Dalmatians.
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Friday, January 25, 2008

Long weekend.

The time is now 11.30pm and I have just finished my 2 challenges for the Friday night part of the weekend crop at Scrapping Jewels! Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow so I am ready to call it a night... It is not too late if you want to go and check it out!
We are heading off for the weekend tomorrow to see Miss Jess.
Happy Australia Day everyone!

Drum Roll Please...

Well I have some super exciting news! A few weeks ago I applied for a Design Team position with Julies Scrapping Jewels and I found out yesterday.....that I got accepted!!!!!! I am soooo excited and waaaay out of my comfort zone. This is a totally new thing for me. I have certainly seen my share of scrap sites and joined in on 1 or 2 forums but never been anyone other than a 'customer'. I am looking forward to this challenge, my biggest ever scrapping challenge!
It seems that I turned 31 and grew up, became more adventurous and am joining in more. Must scrap a page about that! lol

PS. There is a crop on tonight at Scrapping Jewels 7.30 QLD time!

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

My cool thing...well I think so!

This is the cool thing I have been wanting to share. It is a can that has a ring-pull top full of choc treats! I think that is such a neat idea! I used a 500g can of tomatoes. Use a tin opener and open the bottom, so the ring pull top is intact. Wash it out, fill it with what ever takes your fancy, hot glue the base back on and decorate! How cool is that!!
Cindy at Scrapping Jewels has better instructions if you want to have a look. I think they would be great with Easter eggs, birthday parties etc. This one is a Thank you gift. The problem with using a 500g can is that it is 13 inches around...longer than a 12 sheet of paper...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Today is our 9th wedding anniversary! I must say I am pretty proud of that...
We went on a 'date' to the movies - 'I am legend', then we had some time to pass so we did a wedding tour of the cathedral and reception grounds. Dinner was nice at the White Bull. Desert was.....coke and pickles at McDonald's...(Yes Pam, insert eye-roll here. lol) We had a nice evening.
The LO is of my wonderful Husband, I did it yesterday. It has a nice collection of wood and cork buttons. The 'moments' is on crackled chip. The letters are Heidi swapp covered in opals. I used Megs Watermark stamp on the background paper.
Off to see Moonlight now...night x

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is my entry for the LSS in Grafton. They put out a kit for $5 each month. Moo picked this one up for me and I will hand it in when we go up on the weekend.

The reason that I haven't posted about the 'cool thing' I want to show you is because it is a gift for Moo and she sometimes checks out this blog...It paid off because she did today!! Lucky!!

Starting this Friday night until Sunday Scrapping Jewels is having a cyber crop. If you have never signed up for a CC please do. They are great fun! I have done 2 from another site and enjoyed them both! I will be able to join in on Friday night but that is all as we will be away. There will be a treasure hunt, bingo and challenges that I know of so far... The prizes are yet to be anounced. All of the details are in the forum. I also ordered some Grungeboard from there today...can't wait to see it!!

Monday, January 21, 2008


This is my January entry for Aussie Scrapjacked.
These are the photos I took of the flood at Greenoak in January. As I was scrapping them I was thinking of everyone in QLD who is underwater. The photos I have are nothing compared to what some are experiencing, hope it gets better soon for you all...
This LO is using Basic Greys Mellow range, Bo Bunny brads, AMM ribbon, Megs (gotta have something of Megs) Hero arts stamps and I used her scalloped ruler to make the scallop.
The other cool thing I mentioned yesterday is still to come...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Meg you have been Jacked!

This is my first page (of many I hope) 'Meg Style' using Megs stash while she is away. No I didn't offer to water plants or feed the pets. I just offered to babysit the supplies! A true friend I am! :) I enjoyed this page. It didn't take me as long as I thought. I am usually a thinker more than a throw it on person...I tried to think less. I got this paper in America it is Me & My Big Ideas. It has a gloss finish, very different. I have entered it in the monthly Click'nScrap comp - theme is animals.

I also made another cool creation today, but I will have to show you in a few days....

On the home front,Liberty rode her bike all on her own for the very first time today! Yay for Liberty!! Watch this space for the LO.

Night Owl

Well It is 3am and I am lonely...Not really but the Matchbox Twenty song came to me when I typed the time. lol

I have been laying in bed for almost 2 hours so figured I should just get up!

Yesterday I took a photo of my new quilt set. The colour is 'Seafoam'. The colour is pretty washed out and I am not game to play with it as my monitor seems to be stuck on bright, I almost need sunnies!
This photo is Liberty's first time playing with her new umbrella in the rain. It is so nice to see things for the first time happen to your children. The sound of rain hitting the umbrella is a great sound.
Alright I better try and get some sleep...might just work out a page to do tomorrow...

Saturday, January 19, 2008


I need to congratulate Adam & Laura on the birth of their first son, Oliver Marius. I LOVE the name Marius, from Les Miserable.
I am now also able to shout to the world that Amanda & Roy are expecting a brother or Sister for Jess in August!!! I wanted to put the ultrasound pic up but I am not that clever...So I went with this LO instead. I did it about 15 months ago. I made them pose for me and I am sure they will be thrilled that I have posted it! :)
I have just finished a page but the light is bad so I will take a photo of it tomorrow and post. It is my first 'MegJack'.
Have a good night! x

Friday, January 18, 2008

More shopping...

Today I received another Adairs voucher so off we went. I now have the matching European pillows and cases for my new quilt cover. Matt and I each have new pillows to sleep on (not just look at lol) I had a bit more to spend so I grabbed a square tablecloth for the dining table. All for the bargain price of $17.20... That was almost $200 worth of goodies.
This morning started with swimming lessons in the cold rain. I felt badly putting him in today, but it is the last day. Ian (swimming instructor) commented that he has done well he just needs to grow into his body. Shawn is tall and thin. Until I put on weight I always felt awkward, 185cm and 55kg. All arms and legs and never a comfortable place to display them. For everyone who doesn't know me I am soooooo not that weight anymore. Ian even commented to Shawn that Ian Thorpe has big feet and hands and long legs just like Shawn does!
After lunch I went out to Megs and raided her scrapping stash so I can play with them while she is away...with a bit of magic they might make me almost as good as her. :) Meg does great work her link is in my blog list. While I was out there we came up with an order for Scrap Relief. I think it is a new site but the prices are soooo good! I love the Print Blocks albums and refills they are on sale for $12.80! SUPER!!! I think the sale is on until the end of January.
Before I go I need to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!! Love you xxx

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Naughty or Nice

Am I the only one still scrapping Christmas photos? I think I should be done with the Chrissy photos at the end of this month...that will be a record for me!
I did this LO for the 123...challenge. You had to use a craft knife, red and your title had to be part of your journal. I flocked the red scrolls so they now feel like the Santa hat Combi had on. The red matched well I thought.
Well it is raining down this way again. I think we had a week off, it looks here to stay for awhile.
Well my Mum has taken her grandchildren for an hour so I will now madly go and vacuum and other fun things!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Today this little blog had it's 1000 visit!! Thank you everyone. It is a pretty amazing blog community out there. To everyone who has left a comment no matter how long or short, thanks. If anyone wants to leave a message/comment but doesn't want to do it with an email address, easy. Just check the anonymous box, and include your name in the comment.
In the photos you can see the new additions to our family. The bottom images are Bristle nose catfish. Rach delivered them this morning. They are the neatest little fish! they scurry around sucking up scum....very busy fish. The top fish are our Dalmation Mollies. We have a boy and a girl. The girl is actually a woman and has a very large belly that the pet shop told us is likely to be babies!!!!!! (fair trade Rach!)
I have been busy with Google on this matter and it is all very interesting. A female only has to mate once in her lifetime but can carry sperm in her forever. She is a live bearer and the fry can be half and inch long at birth. She may have 10-60 at a time...You go girl! lol
I did have a LO to share but I have been a little excited about the fish so I will post it tomorrow.
THANKS again everyone!
Happy Blogging x
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How cute is this boy?

My beautiful boy! He is growing up and changing everyday. Tonight the local fire brigade is holding a Disco for the local kids. Complete with DJ and fog machine...oh the memories...
I got called into work today so that was a nice change to my week.
Last night Matt was away so I stayed up and did a page. I quite like it, a bit different for me. The kids had a great time clowning around for the camera. I love it!! :}

NEWSFLASH: Shawn is now back from his super fun disco where he won best junior male dancer!!
My boy has the moves....
Unfortunately he won't be signing any autographs tonight as he is 'buggered'. :}

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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Today I worked on this page for the Scrapapple weekend workout. The title had to be an A word. I took this photo in America and have had it in my stash since. I was reading on a forum last night how someone had used crackle medium so I thought I would dust mine off and play.
This morning I went out to Raches for a catch up with Jo and her family. It was a good morning. Shawn stayed on, hanging with Nash...Those boys have a serious Lego addiction! :}
This afternoon I worked on and off on this LO. Ironically we had to go to Armidale to get another box of Pepsi as we will run out tonight...told you I was addicted!!!
Shawn starts swimming lessons tomorrow so we were all on the hunt for his goggles...Shawn found them 5 minutes ago under a basketball in his dungeon...I mean room.
Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Today I locked myself in the bathroom!

Today I locked myself in the bathroom.... not really the handle fell off as I went to get out and Matt had to rescue me. It was just the best post title I could come up with!

After work today a group of us went to the local park. I really want to say it was so the kids could get some summer fresh air, exercise, hang out with their friends. It was nothing like that. It was just an evil plan so us parents could have some time out and adult conversation. We also used this time as a photographic opportunity that would lead to a scrap page. Those poor kids...the way we treat them. They had a horrible time. All that play equipment, rocks to climb, bridge to play on, lizards to follow, stick forts to build. We should be ashamed of ourselves! :}

Thanks for stopping by! x
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Friday, January 11, 2008

End of another week!

We are not long home from a movie night at the local swimming pool. It was a good night apart from the lack of summer weather. Shawn got to catch up with one of his mates from school that he hasn't seen in awhile. I got to eat way to much popcorn....I don't feel so good..... :) You would think that my good friends would cut me off...but no..... It was good to catch up with the girls!
This photo is just a random shot that I took at Green Oak last weekend. I am not sure what they were looking at, but I loved the lighting!
We started our fish tank earlier this week and so far so good! Santa left us all a nice new tank so we each get to choose a fish. Shawns choice was a small school of Neon Tetras. We are doing everything by the book and introducing new fish slowly. Matts and Liberty's fish had to be ordered so next week they should move in. I am getting my super cute fish from my great friend Rach who breeds well....I mean her fish do, so I am taking some from her super aquarium. Thanks Rach!
Shawn starts swimming lessons next week at 11am. I really only mention that so I can look back and remember. My 2008 diary hasn't show up yet...I feel a bit lost!
I need to thank Moo for her computer help today...I will email you a copy of my work over the weekend! x

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


This is Leon! This Lo is my entry for the January Scrappin Jewels comp. It required you to use Glitter or Bling, Stamps and paint! My paint and stamping is hard to see in the photo. 07 in the bottom right corner is stamped in gold paint. I also added gold to some of the pine needles on the paper. The Bling is my red embossing tinsel berries and Kaiser bling on the ornaments. The journalling is behind the photo. It tell the story of Leon and how at Christmas he hangs in a major traffic area on a spring right at face height. We have a lot of fun with Leon. Leon comes from Noel backwards.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happiness is......Bargain Shopping!

Oh how I love a good bargain! As today is Matts last day off work I totally took advantage of him! (Love you x) just before Liberty went for her nap I headed to the shops. I had a credit card gift voucher to spent at Adairs. I finally decided on a Mercer & Reid quilt cover, pillow slips and pillow. I will take a photo when I put it on the bed. RRP for the lot was about $210....I paid $5.80...I LOVE sales! Then I headed off to Big W where I picked up a Chrissy dinner set, paper, ribbon, stockings, nice quality chocs, tim tams, lots of junk lollies for the kids birthday party's etc. Again I worked out it would normally be just over $200.....I paid......$12.90. No Christmas item was over $1, when I got to the register she rang nothing over 50 cents....
So I didn't get any scrapping done!!! My plan for tonight is to tidy my space. (again lol) Since I share a room with Matts office and he organised his side ready for a new work year, I better do my side.
Have a good night everyone!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Taking a break.

Just thought I would post some more photos. I am taking a break from pulling the Christmas tree down. Late...I know... I have been waiting for Matt to feel good enough so he could get the boxes down from the roof. He is not long back from the doc. Infection is clearing well and he is back to work on Wednesday.
Postman just came with a box of scrapping goodies...gotta go...:}
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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Look At The Water!

Well we are home from our weekend getaway. As I drove out the driveway I could feel my shoulders relaxing straight away. It is the first time I have felt so relaxed in weeks! YAY for me!! :} So the weekend away was just what I needed. It was miserable weather rained almost constantly except for not a drop today (always the way...) when we arrived we had to check out the water. The top right photo shows the only safe place to swim (a big puddle) as the water was moving fast and up alot from normal. The bottom, second from left is where we were swimming the day before! Slightly diff angle. Where Shawn had the board is the old gully that I think I have only seen wet twice. That was great fun. So apart from not being able to fish or have a good swim the flood didn't worry us too much. Apart from the dripping roof and heavy rain and the possum we slept well. That makes it seem like a bad weekend but it wasn't. We got to play with some of Shawn's Christmas gifts. Pirates of the Caribbean chess, UNO Attack and Cluedo card game. We had a good time playing them and quality time doing so. Combi loved the water (flood didn't stop her) so she should sleep for a week!
Now I better go and read my 51 emails that came in... I think I took over 200 photos so I will put more up latter. Hope your weekend was great too! x
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Friday, January 4, 2008


Rush Rush Rush....
Matt went to the doc this morning and is now on antibiotics to clear up a few infections. He is down to needing only one nap a day so we have decided to head off for the weekend! Nothing like last minute.... Since Matt is still contagious we are going to Green Oak. His family's property on the Macleay river. No electricity, no hot water, no TV, no Telephone...what more could I want!!!
Wish me luck!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Nothing Interesting...

Well nothing interesting to report today really.
Shawn is joining in with the summer reading at the local library. For every book that he reads he gets a ticket into a prize draw and they have a little party at the end of the holidays. I also told him I would give him .50cents for each book. He started yesterday afternoon and has already finished 4 books.....
I thought I would throw in another random photo from my files. This shot was taken last October long weekend. It features my super cool Uncle Rocky. He did a blacksmith demo at our family reunion. I love this shot, totally unplanned, but I captured his reflection and the smoke. I love the stance and the look on his face. It is a photo that would mean nothing to most people, but I see a whole story it. x

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Today I discovered that I had been tagged by a fellow scrapper and blogger. SCRAPTART.
What is involved with the tag is.

1. Link to the person who tagged you. Scraptart
2. List 7 weird, random or little know facts about me.
3. Tag 7 other Bloggers and let them know that they have been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blog and listing them on yours.

Sooooo....7 huh????
1.My favourite fact about me is that I was born in California in the Mojave Desert at Edwards Air Force Base.
2. I have a brown spotted Dalmatian.
3. I eat Dill Pickles like carrots. I order McDonald's pickles by the cup full!
4. I sang at the Sydney Opera house...but that does not mean that I can sing.
5. I have a small collection of old Gone with the wind books.
6. I don't like mixing my food textures.
7....... I keep the Pepsi Co. in business!

That was tough to think of 7 slightly interesting things! Now I have to do the Tagging. I don't know many bloggers that actually visit my blog...or they have never left me a comment to let me know they do :} I don't have 7 but I do have the wonderfully fab MEG and my Blog Buddy KRISTY and KYLIE found me via Kristy...So I have tagged 3 people...On the tagging goes!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Tonight I am at Pam's selling her husbands car on EBAY. If anyone is in the market for a 1981 Mitsubishi Colt let me know!

Hope you all had a great New Years!