Sunday, March 29, 2009

A day well wasted!

These people are my friends.
Today we enjoyed a perfect Autumn day down at the local park. We had a BBQ lunch and watched the beautiful day go by. I loved it. All 11 kids played perfectly, the adults even behaved as well! :) Matt hogged one of the kids RipStick and now really wants his own... kids theses days!
Once home Matt and the kids did some motor bike riding and more skateboarding while I did some scrapbooking. Then we all headed out for a walk/skate/ride. It was Liberty's first 'bike ride' out and about town, she did really well and rode the whole way.
I think we will all sleep well tonight x

Friday, March 27, 2009


This little man came to play today. Quasi is a 2 month old Boxer who wanted to play with Combi. They had a lovely time, so lovely that Quasi fell asleep!
Liberty now wants one.... She went and got her very favourite stripey blanket and put over him while he slept, and her pillow for under his head...
So sweet.

Happy Sky Watch Friday... another week flown by.

I took this shot from my front door at 7.30am this morning. Looked like another hot, clear day. It is overcast and raining slightly, not quite 2 hours after!

Yesterday I collected my new glasses, taking a good bit of getting use to, but hopefully my work will improve (if only it was that simple!) As long as the headaches go I will be thrilled! I actually have one pupil that is oval... must google that!

Have a great day. And if you want to see more sky watch friday pics click HERE

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This afternoon Matt stained the back deck and the front verandah. They so needed it, the timber was very dry. Should look wonderful if the morning. Just like new!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This is the CD tin that I covered for Kelly and Josh's wedding DVD's. I used the green ribbon that was from the chocolate box at my table.
They should get the photo books and DVD's tomorrow... I will give them a call over the weekend and see if they like them... hope so!
I can feel a pesky cold just around the corner... yuck! I have been sucking down vitamin C's.
Hopefully I will have time to share wedding pics tomorrow. night x

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ebor Falls

This is the first scrapbooking I had done in awhile... I forgot how to scrap! I even did another LO after this one, I was on a roll! It needs a little 'something' before it is finished.
We had a big weekend... yesterday was spent helping Shawn with his school project on Parliament House. He has done a fantastic job. It should be finished tonight. He even wants to sent it to Kevin Rudd when he gets it back.... we will see... ;)
This LO is for the 8 week challenge over at Scrapbooking Top 50. It is not to late to join in and the prizes are very generous....
* So sorry about the shocking quality of the pic, It has been nothing but trouble from the get go!

Friday, March 20, 2009

These images are of Ebor Falls taken on our drive home from Grafton last Sunday.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This is Liberty with Lucas. It is not a good photo, but the best I could get. I have great ones of each of them, just not at the same time!

Shawn has come home from school and is so excited about the new guitar tune he learnt today. He has mastered the rift of ' Smoke on the water' and now will start on ' Sweet home Alabama'... He asked the teacher to teach him that as it is his Dads favourite song... When I started Guitar we did 'Twinkle Twinkle'!!! Kids these days! :)

The last few weeks I have been on a merit selection panel for the school to choose a new Assistant Principal. Today should be the last, ending with interviews. I have really enjoyed it, a very interesting process. I did learn a very important thing... I need new glasses, I could hardly read some things. Off to the optometrist tomorrow for me! $$$

Monday, March 16, 2009

Crazy Hair Day

Last Friday was Crazy hair day at school to raise awareness/$$ for cancer. My boy sure does have crazy hair... and that is without the blue spray! Haircuts for him and his father tomorrow!!! Liberty had to have blue hair as well and was very excited!
Friday afternoon we went up to Grafton for the weekend. We had not been up since New Years... this year is racing away very quickly. I am my worst enemy when it comes to that, I am always counting down to the next event. Easter, we go away, birthdays, scrap camp, wedding, wedding, thunderbolts festival, birthdays, wedding, Christmas etc... That is a full year, done! Lucky I have my camera to catch it as it all flys by....
Have a wonderful week x

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Happy bright sky watch Friday

I took this shot last Sunday, I love it!

Tonight was TAFE night. We have 2 weeks of assessments and I finished all of my work in an hour. So I will go next week and see what I can play with and discover. I did enjoy tonight and am happy with the work I produced.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Miss Liberty loves life! I like this pic, it is by no means a 'good' photo, but it shows a little of her personality :)
I finally have all of the wedding photos edited and have the photo books being printed as I type... It feels good to have them done, such a big job! I will have to share some soon.
Today Pam and I decided that sausage rolls just don't cut it for lunch any more so we are heading out to one of the local pubs tomorrow in search of something yummy... Hopefully some of the other 'girls' can join us.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Family Photo Day

This morning the 4 of us headed down to the local park, armed with tripod and camera. I had hoped to get a decent family photo of us... We got the perfect shot first click! I took another, and it was also great so I stopped. Then we went walking through the gardens to find a spot to take photos just of Shawn and Liberty. I think I have a shot I can use, but I do like this fun one. They do love each other so much!
This afternoon, I headed out to Arding to take some family photos for a lovely family. Interesting fact for the day... back in 1999, they grew the worlds largest pear... and yes, I did come home and look it up in the Guinness World Records!
Well both the laptop and my battery is getting low. Enjoy your week!

Friday, March 6, 2009


I went out this morning at 9.30 to get these shots. I thought it would be something a little different for me :)
The top image is the view from my front steps. If you can manage to see past all of the power lines, you may be able to see a tower on top of the mountain.
The next image is taken looking down towards my home from the tower base. The trees have really grown. I couldn't find our roof but I could see the school clearly. I will have to go up in winter and see if I can get a clear view.

Happy sky watch friday!

Meeting Lucy

Yesterday we went and met Lucy. She is just over a week old... so, so cute and such a fantastic little baby! As you can see in the photo, Liberty was quite smitten.

It was a very eventful day yesterday... a great day with rib hurting laughter. Thanks Pam. I hope you find your bus full of school boys soon :)

Last night I had TAFE, I am starting to feel that I am making progress, all of the little bits are coming together. The next two lessons are assessment tasks......

Well I will be back later on with a SWF pic...bye....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The wall that Matt built

This is our new retaining wall. Matt has done a super job with it! We have had the sleepers for months now. His brother dug the holes with his Bobcat. Matts Dad helped with the concreting yesterday and today his brother-in-law helped with the heavy stuff. I am so greatful to them for there help, it looks fantastic! As you can see we still have a good bit to do, but the main part is over and we can do a little when we get the time. Now to decide what to plant???