Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Told you it was cold!

Well these pictures were taken at 7am this morning on our deck. This is the first place to see sunshine. Liberty had a great time. She put on her gumboots and made tracks in the frost. This is her artwork. Directly after I took this image Combi came and licked the frost away. Guess she was thirsty, her water bowl was frozen solid! Yes I know the image is off was cold and I was in no way prepared to spend anymore time outside! :)
This afternoon Shawn had Soccer training. A long, boring story short, I am now coach. I know nothing about Soccer! Guess I will learn!
Matt is away tonight. I was going to scrap but not totally in the mood.... night x

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gonna be cold tonight.

I just stepped out the door to get some wood for the fire...There will be a frost tonight!
Shawn and I just played Rummy. I had forgotten we had that game so I pulled it out and taught him how to play. Matt joined in on the second round.... I won both games...was there ever a doubt :)
Liberty got to play with her beloved Molly today. They had 2 weeks apart over the holidays. Both girls are learning the fine art of the 'potty'... Oh so much fun! :) Actually Liberty is doing pretty good... so far....
This page is for Scrapping Jewels. It is my sample for the 52 week challenge. Scrap lift a shape, I went with rectangle. The pic is my Cousin, his wife and there baby boy, Nicholas.
Thanks for stopping by...I haven't been blog hopping much lately, but I will try to stop by soon if I have neglected you :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Last day of school holidays.

Back to school tomorrow! These holidays have been so bad... Liberty has been unwell, rain on days we could have done things, blah, blah, blah... I love having Shawn home and I feel that 2 weeks was wasted, but it was mostly out of my control. Better luck next holidays! :)
So today we hung out at home, cleared off his desk ready for homework. I sorted through Libertys clothes, with what was only in her cupboard I gave a full garbage bag to charity. I still have boxes and bags of hand-me-downs to sort. Usually I keep the good stuff and try and sell it on EBAY. I have done well selling the kids clothes in the past.
When Matt finished work we went up to Armidale to see his Dad for his Birthday. On our way home we stopped in at the airport and collected the Doran Mobile. It is now safely back at there house while they go exploring. I also picked up some tapes to record Dean's shows.....hope I don't forget... :)
Well I am going to do an online class tonight at Scrapbook Divas. The picture is from the weekend cyber crop they had. You had to use a CD. It was Matts idea to turn it into a record. It is a bit cute :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saw Ed!

I have a shocking headache! Think tomorrow I need to find, clean and wear my glasses!!
It has been a successful scrapping weekend over at Divas. I have complete 3 LO's and 1 OTP.
This page had the criteria of B&W, Music notes and paint. I do like this page... I always tend to like my simple pages best!
Today Matt did some mechanical work for a mate. Shawn and Liberty went and helped Grandma rake leaves (not a successful project in this wind) lol
This afternoon we went out and said goodbye to the Doran's. Tomorrow they leave for America for 2 weeks. LA, Omaha, San Fran..... Rach has my shopping list with the essential items Cherry Chap-stick and a Jack Sparrow wig from Disneyland that I regret not getting when we were there. The list could have been very long.
Well I am tired and pretty much ready for bed and the telly. Night x

Saturday, April 26, 2008


How yuck is the colour of this photo! It is so hard to look at...sorry! I finished this page late today and missed the best light. I am joining in at the DIVAS weekend crop. It has been great, really getting into scrap mood again! 2 pages this afternoon and hopefully another too come.
Yesterday was a wet ANZAC day. Shawn marched with the school. We were feeling the need to get out and about in the afternoon so we drove! We went to the driveway and flipped a coin. Heads Left, Tails Right. On our way home from playing that we played car cricket.... yes we were very tired and lost for entertainment! lol
This morning I worked. They have cut staff down to 3 on Saturdays and today I was in charge... we were flat out!! I should sleep well tonight. Must admit it was nice to be managing again :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A new toy!

Look at my new scrappy treat. I won this cool "Craft Notebook" from Memories 2 Remember There is a full range of storage and totes in this design. My photography is shocking, sorry...and upside down :) I had never seen this range anywhere Creative Options it is called and it is lovely quality...
Today Grandma and Liberty hung out while I took Shawn to Kidzworld for the morning. (An indoor play centre) Liberty is just at the wrong age to big for the baby area and too little for the big stuff!
Well just a quick post... Bye for now! x

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Plan...

My scrappy page plan is to record each day, like a calendar of Shawns school holidays. Since I am so bad at keeping a diary, my blog is it! When i am ready to do the page I will look back through and see what we did each day... Method to my madness! :)
Yesterday. Shawn and I went and saw The Spiderwick Chronicles at the cinema, shopping then on to see baby Lachlan.
Nothing like bargain shopping to lift you (just momentarily) out of a depression. As we walked into Big W they were reducing the last of the summer stock down to 10 cents a piece! That's right shoppers 10 cents!!! I got 2 pairs of shorts and a bonds T for Lachlan, shorts for me, hat for each of us. Matts and mine are big straw hats that I will leave at Green Oak for fishing. 2 Swimmer tops for me... 10 items at 10 cents totals $1.... I added up the tags when I got home and it was around $140 for the lot!
So far today the kids have played beautifully with the playdoh. Liberty made me a yummy dinner! Then down to the park for a leaf fight and exploration. This afternoon Shawn has soccer training and we are having Pizza for dinner with the Baldwin ladies (remember Pam!! :)
I am hoping that I will post again today with a pic of what is coming in the mail x

Monday, April 21, 2008

Pops Princess

This is Liberty and Matts Dad. She just loves her Pop so much! I took the photo of the page in a hurry as my battery was getting low. This is my week 8 page for the JSJ 52 week challenge. I made this weeks challenge to use a journal tag... pretty basic. This LO is Kaiser paper and bling word (thanks for my treat Pam, see I did use it quickly!) Grungeboard key, I have heat embossed the border in bronze and added some Kindy Glitz. Scenic Route Alphas and not sure of the tag...
Matt and Shawn had a blast fishing. It was raining most of the time but I don't think they noticed much.
I had Liberty back to the Dr today....again! Poor little girl, hope she is better soon.... so I can get some zzzzzzzzz's :)
Oh, almost forgot! For those of you who asked about my bacon stir-fry. Cut your bacon into inch wide pieces and throw into wok. Remove. Throw in onion then any vegies you like. For me it is Beans, Carrot, Zuchinni, Brocolli. Stir then add bacon back in. I usually use BBQ sauce, honey and a splash of Soy. Put this with some rice and yum! Matt is not a vegie man so this is my treat! :)

Gostwyck church

I love this image! Liberty and I had cabin fever yesterday and just had to drive! So I turned the adventure into a photographic opportunity and we went out to Gostwyck Church. Gostwyck Station, many years ago was it's own village and this was the church. I was to take photos of a wedding out there once, but bad weather sent everything inside. I believe the homestead is pretty impressive with many wings and quarters. I even think royalty have stayed there, some Earl.... I will post some other pick another time, I was just downloading and spotted this one! Had to share....:)

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Saturday. Saturdays are pretty repetitive for me. Get up, go to work, get groceries, go home! That seems to be the day over. Today I had been in the door 5 minutes and Amanda called so she came over for a chat. Mum and Liberty went to the cafe so I was able to have an uninterrupted adult conversation, packed with all the good stuff!
Tonight Mum had dinner with us as the boys are still away. Thanks very much Mum for watching your favourite Granddaughter while I went to work! :) I made a bacon stir-fry....yummmmmm.
Well I want to try and get another page done tonight! I did do one last night but forgot to take a pic so I raided the archives. This LO was my design template for the JSJ Crop a few weeks ago. If you want to see how others interpreted my design and instructions look HERE.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Well my boys have left to go fish at Green Oak. This photo is where they are, taken at Easter. Matt managed to get some phone service so I have not long found out that Shawn so far has the biggest fish. Now I really do have the perfect husband...he took a photo so I can scrap it!! :)
I am so happy they have gone away. For Shawn it means he is spending quality 'male' time with his Dad, his Pop and Uncle Andy.
Shawn has had a pretty cool day. His Grandma took him to the local Library this morning to see Cartoon Dave and learn some cartooning tips. Cartoon Dave is on kids shows and does a cartoon for the Sunday Telegraph. Shawn loves making little comic books so I am sure when not fishing he will be drawing!
Well my quality 'female' time means Liberty is in bed and I might scrap! lol x

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just playing.

I have been admiring the talent on this blog. So I was inspired to 'play'. My playing is not even close to the quality of work that is on 'A Passion 'n Frames', but I did enjoying learning a little more about photo shop. The top image has no alterations, the next two I have tinkered with :)
Not that I had much time to play, being school holidays (silly me!) Shawn went to the dentist yesterday and he now has a mouth guard thing to wear while he sleeps. He is so good about it! I admire him for that. Liberty had yet another rush trip back to the Dr... at least I can see results now... Matt changed his travel plan with work to be home last night with us. unfortunately we now have 3 nights without him... Lucky for him, he is going fishing for 2 of them!
Today we went to the park and collected a box of pine cones for the fire. That is where I found this lonely leaf, exactly as it is.
We had a busy day doing things, running about, but it was a smooth day! I like those days! x

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pay Day!!!

Today is the favourite day of every month! :) Shawn had a hair appointment so we went up to Armidale for groceries. (I even cleaned out the pantry today in preparation!) I had a voucher at a shoe store to use by today so Liberty now has a sweet pair of black shoes for winter. Finally I found a hoodie that I like! I walked Armidale to find a hoodie that had some warmth in it... Big W, men's department, $14.98!! How good is that? It is soooo snugly warm. I may even go and get another one for that price. It is red with the word "athletic" embroidered on it. I am thinking I may stitch the word "Not" above it! :)
Matt is away tomorrow night so I might clean off my scrap desk and get it all nice and tidy!

This page I came up with for the 52 Week challenge at JSJ. Make your own patterned paper. I used an onion bag (mesh) and inked over the top of it. The light wasn't very good when I took this photo, sorry!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dress downs!

Well today the dress-up boxes came out! Shawn with his Star Wars and Pirates. Liberty with her fairies and Groucho mask. They had a great time together. I love it!
Liberty had a rough night. She has a runny nose. (that's why I love that mask, it covers the yuck!) LOL So the vapouriser is out and humming.
I think I must have done 6 loads of washing today. So I may have to install the wearing of the same set of clothes all school holidays! Maybe not....
The weather was perfect today! 300 days a year of this would be lovely. I really need to get down to the park and get some shots of the leaves before it is really too late.
Being Monday, I have posted this weeks challenge for the 52 week challenge at
Julies Scrapping Jewels. I like this weeks page...
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Friday 2 Sunday in photos

Starting at the top left. Friday we went and met Lachlan in the hospital. Then off to Grafton. Saturday the boys had a ski then moved furniture around Amanda and Roy's home with the help of 3 of Roy's mates...heavy stuff!
Sunday the kids had a nice time together, and Matt had a ride on Roy's new bike to see where the trouble was before we left to come home. Going home is always such a loooong trip, no matter where you are! About an hour from home is a Trout Hatchery near Ebor. I had been years ago and thought Shawn would enjoy it. So for under $10 the 4 of us spent over an hour wandering around the fish ponds and tanks. They had a movie and displays to look at. We also got 2 bags of fish food to distribute as we went. Both kids thought this place was fantastic, running around and learning about fish. I was very surprised by the size of a 3 year old rainbow, big suckers!
I have had my hot shower and am pretty much ready to catch up with Earl. Then I need to see what Derick and Meridith have been up to and my Brothers and Sisters. Better get another Pepsi for the night ahead! x
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Friday, April 11, 2008

Heading North!

We are heading north for the weekend. I just wanted to say byeeee...
This photo is the view from my front door at the moment. The leaves a so vibrant! Gotta love street signs and power poles :) Have a great weekend everyone! x

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Welcome furry little moth. This little moth hung out on our deck chair all day. Tucked away from the wind and rain. Liberty just loves him and is very curious as to why it is on the computer! lol

Well this moth is not really who I want to welcome. Today I became a 4th cousin...again. That is if there is such a thing as a 4th cousin! :)

2 of my favourite people, Garth and Mandy, welcomed their first son into the world today. Lachlan was 17 days early. He gets that from his parents. Every time I have a party here Mandy is the first at the door with food treats and helpful hands. I grew up living in the same street as Garth and I have watched him become a fantastic person, I am so happy for them!
So tomorrow if you are looking for me I will be out visiting.... That is if Liberty is better.....

I better get Miss into bed she has been "cleaning" and I haven't wanted to interrupt her. :)
Hopefully I can get some scrapping and perhaps a baby card made tonight. x
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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Let the games begin!

Today was soccer training. Shawn loved it! It will be a great experience for him this year. Unfortunately it looks like training may clash with basketball. That is a bit disappointing as he really does enjoy and do well at it.
This page of Miss Liberty I did over the weekend. My lovely little girl gave me a health scare yesterday so off we went to the doctor. I realised that I have been so busy lately and it really is time for me to slow down and play in the Autumn leaves... If you know what I mean. You forget about the simple, fun things and get so caught up in other things. The school P&C is taking up much more time than I thought it would. So that will be where I stand firm and remember the word no. I will add a sorry with it, because that is who I am...
Any who! I am going to go and get my beautiful soccer star into bed! Night all x

Monday, April 7, 2008

I am back!

...still tired but back!
This is my favourite page for the weekends cyber crop. It was a scrap lift challenge, I lifted Cindy's wonderful work.
It was such a wonderfully, flat out weekend! My blind crop (that we called Stash Challenge) went so well I did another one on Sunday.
Sunday was Eileen's birthday so we spent the morning in Armidale. Liberty went for a walk around on one of the horses. Before we came home we stopped and got Shawn his first pair of Soccer boots! The first training session is this Wednesday... he is very excited! Shawn did a card challenge and 2 page challenges at our crop weekend! He is such a good kid...
Well I need to get some things done, then go and keep my electric blanket company! x

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I just can't!

...I am way to tired to blog...sorry.
We have had a great weekend over at Scrapping Jewels with our Cyber Crop.
Sorry I am even to tired to link......Need sleep....must get sleep.....

Thursday, April 3, 2008

One more sleep!

This is a page I did a few weeks ago that I don't think I posted! It was for JSJ DT work. Using the Making Memories 5th avenue papers I also threw in some other bits. :) I love this image of Matt and Liberty. Taken at Stockton beach last November.
Well it is only 1 more sleep until I get do do my 'stash challenge' for Scrapping Jewels as part of the "Bring on the Bling" crop weekend. I hope it works.... :) Yesterday I also got to do a page for another challenge and hopefully tonight I can make the time to do some.......... opps sorry can't share...LOL
Matt was in New Castle Tuesday night, home yesterday and had to go to Tenterfield today, up and back. Each trip is 3 or 4 hours from home... Tomorrow he is off again out woop woop.
Well I better go see how the crock pot is going with my lamb roast dinner!
Thanks for stopping by! :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools

Well I made it to 12 without being a fool! I love this brings back so many fond memories.... hey Moo? LOL
I made this card today because I was forced too! LOL Not really. Sharon is doing a card a day on her blog. I love her Birthday I sort of copied it! So all of you card makers go and have a look and join in her fun! This card will be for my FIL.

Liberty has had a wonderful day. She has kept very busy with crayons, paper and scissors. So I was able to get some things done. Now her and Shawn are playing Star Wars in the lounge room.

I also got a page scrapped today...but I can't show you :) It is for the "Stash Challenge" I am going to run on Friday night... It is my take on a 'Blind Challenge"... I think it will work... I hope it will work!!! I could use the moral support if anyone has some time to spare. The crop will run Friday noon through to Monday uploads. You can register HERE There will be comps for scrappers and card makers. I think the prizes are $$$ to spend in the shop and kits...will have to wait for more on that. I am told the kit has stacks in it!! Shame I can't win!! LOL