Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 2010

Like everyone, we have been busy, busy! Retail is really not a walk in the park at Christmas time. the Christmas shoppers, on top of the people wanting the gossip on why we are closing, makes for many long days.
So a very quick update.

My Mum had a birthday and we went out to Kentucky Roses for morning tea. It is a lovely spot with yummy brownies :) It was a beautiful day (about time!) The colour in this photo is not edited, perfect!

We had our work Christmas party at our home. It didn't rain, but was forcast to, so we were prepared! It was a fun night, I hope they thought so too. Not many work parties around hear get a 3 course meal, a theatrical performance and a few games of poker to end the night. :)

My baby graduated from Preschool... she is so grown up! She has wonderful confidence and we are so very proud of her!!! She will love big school!!!