Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Disco

Yesterday Shawn went to a Halloween disco at the school. Can you guess what he went as???

* the marks on his arm are not part of the costume. They did a Fun Run at school, each mark is one lap around the oval. I don't know who decided this should be called "fun"....

*Update - He went as a 'Cereal killer'

Sky Watch Friday

I have missed a few Sky Watches, but hopefully I am back on track now!
I caught this blue hole Wednesday afternoon inbetween rainfalls. It has been so good to get some rain. Though, I could have done without having to light the fire!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Thought I better put a pic up of my little surfer dude!
Shawn has been an extra happy little man lately... He is such a good kid and we are so proud of him. He has started playing basketball in Armidale, just like his Dad. He so loves his Dad!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mechanical Surfboard

This is my hunky husband on the mechanical surfboard at the Thunderbolts Festival. This was a pretty cool thing! I would have had a go but.......... ;)
Shawn also went on this (a few times) and did really well!
All of the rides/activities are free at the festival. The committee seek sponsorship from local business'. This way kids can go on the rides as many times as they like and mum/dad don't have to keep pulling out there wallets. Kids love it... Parents love it!!
We are getting some good rain, it is loverly. I only have to leave the house once today, bliss!

Monday, October 26, 2009

My view of the parade...

On Saturday Uralla hosted the Thunderbolts Festival... The day begins with the street parade. This is the view I see. My main job on the day is to make sure the street parade goes in order and as smoothly as possible... I think I did well :) I catch a lift down to the park and all of the festivities on a Fairytale Tours horse drawn carriage. They are beautiful horses, sadly we won't have them next year as they are going to live in Cairns. (A long way away from Uralla!) As it is they are currently in Bellingen, a good 2 hours away.
So, it was a great day... I have never walked so much or so fast since I was last at Disneyland!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My baby girl is 4!

Yesterday this beautiful girl turned 4. The day started with pressies first thing. Then it was her Preschool day, so she had cupcakes with her friends there. Then another cake in the afternoon with family. The phonecalls didn't stop for her until 8pm... she is a loved little girl!

To make the day extra special and in true Myhill family form, a baby was born.

Matt's neice Bec had a baby girl 4 weeks early. Alice Mary.

So Liberty is the last of the Grandchildren and Alice is the first Great Grandchild. Both girls are named after a very special family member Alice Ada who was raised on Green Oak. Liberty's middle name is Ada. So there you have it!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Green Oak Driving

Just something I did I on the weekend at Green Oak... With a little help from my friends :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bushfires in the Macleay

Over the weekend we went down to Green Oak and this was our changing view. In just minutes the fires could change direction... easy to see how destructive a fire could be.
Sorry I have not been blogging much, I am so extra busy this month... I will be better next week (I hope) So many great photos from the weekend away to share :)
Liberty will be 4 tomorrow.... must wrap tonight!

Monday, October 12, 2009


I have been wanting to get Shawn a funky USB flash drive for school. The one I like most was star wars themed for $50 USD.... No chance of that purchase happening for a 9 year old to take to school! Yesterday I had a wider seach on the www and found something similar to this. My kids have of heaps of Pez dispensers and a tricky daddy so this is the one Matt created. I love it! Need to find a smaller USB for the next one we make, but it does the job! I always have a USB in my bag loaded with images so I think I will put some thought into what I would like....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Working for $$$$

This is Liberty's new 'Bob' haircut. It looks pretty unkept in this shot as we were spending the afternoon down by the river at Grafton. The kids always have a great time, the look on her face makes you wonder what was going on in her mind.... :)

I worked 4 days this week, that is a big jump when I am used to one half day. All 4 days of paid work.... how nice! I do like my volunteer positions, but paid work is very sweet!

I looked through my trusty Smiggle diary this morning and calculated that I only have 5 free days left this month. That makes me tired... I need a diary for next year as I now have 5 Weddings to shoot over the next 12 months!!!!
My almost 4 year old, Liberty has been unwell. She has a miserable cold and conjunctivitis. She is the best little girl when it comes to drops in her eyes. this is the 2nd time she has had conjunctivitis. It is a horrible thing to have!

Tonight Matt had to do a housecall and have a look at a friends motorbike, tomorrow we are going back over for more riding adventures!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We had a lovely weekend away in Grafton. I do like long weekends!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I took this photo about 2 weeks ago. 5 seconds after I took this shot, this Magpie flew down and swooped me... Lucky for me he didn't make contact with my scalp. The noise of the beak snapping made me shudder, like fingers down a chalk board. This guy hangs around in the trees at the school... not helpful when I need to walk to the school almost daily. Not much longer and he wont need to protect the nest... I hope!

We have a long weekend in NSW and we are heading off to Grafton to watch the Bridge to Bridge water ski race. If you want to travel the world via the www go check out Sky Watch Friday.