Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 2010

Like everyone, we have been busy, busy! Retail is really not a walk in the park at Christmas time. the Christmas shoppers, on top of the people wanting the gossip on why we are closing, makes for many long days.
So a very quick update.

My Mum had a birthday and we went out to Kentucky Roses for morning tea. It is a lovely spot with yummy brownies :) It was a beautiful day (about time!) The colour in this photo is not edited, perfect!

We had our work Christmas party at our home. It didn't rain, but was forcast to, so we were prepared! It was a fun night, I hope they thought so too. Not many work parties around hear get a 3 course meal, a theatrical performance and a few games of poker to end the night. :)

My baby graduated from Preschool... she is so grown up! She has wonderful confidence and we are so very proud of her!!! She will love big school!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


November has been a big month.
I finished editing a wedding, and have strated another.
I found out that I will be unemployed starting January 29th, as the company is closing all 6 of it's shop fronts.
I had a birthday.
The beautiful girls that I work with got me these lillies for my birthday. That was almost 10 days ago and they still smell devine!

A local photographer gave me these flowers yesterday, just for being 'lovely'. I think that is lovely on it's own!

Flowers seem to make things not so bad, and the timing was perfect! It is quite difficult to work in retail with a smile all the time when you know (and are continually reminded) that the place is closing. It is going to be a hard few months...

We have a busy weekend ahead. Hope you have a good one, wherever you are. x

Monday, November 8, 2010

Another weekend over...

Well there goes another weekend!
We did a lot for the school P&C this weekend. I am looking forward to next weekend as I don't think we have anything or or anywhere to be... but I do have a plan! :)

Last weekend I had a few mates around, this is them parked out the front of our place...

Actually, it was the 500 bikes getting ready for the end of the street parade that Matt and I set up. They are the Harleys for Helicopters bikers. They ride from Newcastle to Uralla raising money for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

This is Matt in one of his Billycart races.

Friday, November 5, 2010

All most done...

I have been busy editing wedding pics and am almost done! I had forgotten over winter what a mammoth task it can be. I have my next weeding in 2 weeks, so I will have my groove on by then and it will be a much quicker task!
If you want to have a sticky head over to Photographics and creativity

Shawn had the last of his stitches removed yesterday. Looks like it will be a pretty scary scar. Being the medical expert that I am, I think it could have had a few more stitches in it as it really didn't heal as well as it could have.
We have another very busy weekend ahead *sigh*. Looking forward to doing very little the following weekend! x

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wow, it has been awhile since I have updated! Life sure is busy!

Rewind back to Tuesday. Matt gives me a call at 4.40pm at work with the opening line of "...everything is OK..." So, he was at the hospital with Shawn waiting to see if he needed stitching back up after a billycart incident on a gravel road. 5 stitches and only 40 minutes later, they show up at my work, just as I was about to head over to the hospital. (I figured we would be in for a good few hours wait, so I didn't hurry!) All is good. Not a grass stain or a dirty mark on Shawn, just a tear on his arm that was pretty nasty. We will see how well it has healed on Tuesday when the stitches come out.
Soooo, they were busy practicing for yesterdays billycart derby in town as part of the Thunderbolts Festival. Shawn got back on that billycart and had a great time! He was the only entry in his age group, but came second in the next age group. I think the only thing against him was the lack of weight! He is very proud of himself, and he should be!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I am sure it is not legal...

...but it sure is fun!

It is a beuutiful Saturday morning and we have been out getting the yard ready for Liberty's party tomorrow. After Matt mows our yard he goes and does my Grandmothers yard a block away, the kids always get a free ride!

Back to work!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Baby Girl...

Today is Liberty's 5th birthday... She does not really like it when I call her MY baby girl, but she will always be my baby.

After all of the elaborate cakes I have made for Shawn's birthdays, All Liberty wanted was a brown one with white stripes. Good ole supermarket mudcake, her very favourite! :)

This afternoon we had Grandparents for afternoon tea. Sunday will be a party with friends. She is so excited for her party. Rain is forcast.... I hope it stays away, we have a pretty cool game planned.

Last night we all made cupcakes. I knew I would be pressed for time today (even though I took the day off work to be with her more on her birthday)so I purchased icing in a can. It even came with 4 decorative tips for different designs. So easy and fast! I decorated 30 cupcakes in under 10 minutes... Yes, they look like they were decorated that quickly, but 30 preschoolers really don't mind!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


So, the lady on the news this morning was saying what a lucky day it is. Quite a few weddings were planned for today, and it was better to be married at 10am, not 10:10am. 10:10am is bad luck!
Anywhoooo, in honor of the fun date we simply took some family pics. It pains me to put a photo of myself on, but it was a fun moment...

So if you believe in luck, I hope you had a lucky day!

Back to school tomorrow and back to work... I have had 4 days off and have not felt well.... so, instead of going back to work full of energy and feeling inspired, I will be dragging the chain... Only 5 days until the next weekend!!! Then I have a wedding to shoot, which makes me tired just thinking about it! :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Thinks it would be nice...

To sit out and watch the Critters go by....

Happy long weekend everyone! I have to get through a few hours work tomorrow and then I am FREE....until 8am Tuesday... Until then I will be in Grafton watching the boats wizz past, must go charge the camera!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


The sun came to visit this weekend. The rain did too for a few hours, but mostly the sun!
So we dug.
Matt finished digging in the last of the sleepers for a side garden bed that we will built up and plant next year.
I pulled some weeds yesterday and then planted today. Lots of creatures moving around in the soil which is good to see. I went and raided a friends fantastic garden today and scored 5 bags full of plants that I can not remember the names of...

So hopefully in another month or so I will take another photo and show you how they all grew into lovely grown up plants!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


We have driven for 12 hours. Spent 13 hours in Brisbane, 5 of thoses at the Entertainnment Centre. Had 3 hours sleep in 2 days. Just to see this man perform!
Tim McGraw. I got some fantastic shots... if I say so myself!

Night, Night!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A pretty quiet weekend ahead...


Friday - Out the door at 7.30 to drop off children to their Grandmother/Great Grandmother. Long car trip with Dean and Rach to Brisbane. Meet Matt in Brisbane. A few hours shopping. Get ready to go and spend some time with this man...

Saturday - In the car by 4am. 10.20am Shawn's first soccer grandfinal. Get a few things in Armidale. Go over to the school and get some last minute things done for the Spring Fair.

Sunday - School Spring Fair. Matt's Basketball major semi finals. Sleep

See you next week...

Monday, September 13, 2010


The days are getting longer and slighty warmer. Still getting a l o t of rain, so we thought we would head out to Apsley Falls and have a look.

It was great weather to be outside, so we spent the afternoon out in the garden. Digging out the veggie garden and potting plants for this weekends school Spring Fair.

As you can see, Miss Liberty had a great time!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The 80's were spectacular!

Last night, we went to the Uralla Central School production of "Stunned Mullets" a look at the 80's.
Shawn's class performed "Thriller". The performance covered the music, movies and historical moments. It was fantastic! So many things that I had forgotten about... very well done! The students and staff did an excellent job, dude!
So, today, I have been thinking about what my childrens, children will perform at school, when they look back at this time. This is what came to mind, I know I have missed alot. What do you hope is remembered?
When it comes to movies, I hope Disney's 'Pirates of the Carribean' are played as re-runs on TV forever! If a movie can be made from a ride, it should be a classic!

George Clooney *sigh* and his Ocean 11 boys. Keeping with movies that came in multiple we also have Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Twilight, Toy Story and Ice age. I didn't watch any of the Harry or Rings movies, just not for me. Also I can not forget the Star Wars movies, these were also covered in the 80's Spectacular.... timeless... in this house anyway!
Then we go to Television. ER, loved how they ended this show, brilliantly done!

Shows that I have enjoyed are Prison Break, Supernatural, Friends, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs and The Big Bang Theory. We also had the Law and Order series, Bones, Entourage, Two and a half men, Alias and Sex and the City (I never watched this one, but I love that city!) We still have The Simpsons, but thankfully Lost has well and truely gone!
Home and Away and Neighbours are still going! Also it will no doubt be well documented as the time of Reality TV. Survivor, Idol, Amazing Race, Dancing with the stars, home reno shows and hook up shows! I am not really a reality girl... I catch a bit of Survivor and some of Idol, but very little.
Music has been pretty much dominated by American and Australian Idol winners. Kelly, Sebastian, Shannon and the others. Other musical items that will mostlikely get a mention (not that I think some are worthy of it) could be... Brittany, JT, Lady Gaga, Pink, Beyonce, John Mayer, Green day, Gwen Steffani, Rob Thomas, Nickleback, Train, Taylor Swift, Eminem, Usher, Baby Beiber might sneek in.

Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts (They wont get a mention, not in the 'popular' culture reviews anyway... I guess Madonna and Michael will still get a look in.
That then brings us to the lowercase i. The iPod and iTunes. The iPhone and the iPad.

Unfortunately Paris and Lindsay may get a mention for being absolutly stoopid! Brangelina will get a mention, but I wonder if anyone will remember Tom jumping on Oprah's couch.. I hope not! Will they remember Heath Ledger and Steve Irwin?
Will Facebook and Twitter survive?

The historical things remembered, will be this day, 9 years ago, when the Twin Towers fell and the war that followed. The Victorian Bushfires, Drought, Hurricane Katrina, Earthquakes around the world, The Boxing Day Tsunami, Americans Elect President Obama and Australia has our first Female Prime Minister (I hope it is remembered how she got the job!), Bali Bombers, Y2K, The Euro, Sydney had the Olympics and so much more!

What will they wear when they do a play about 'now'... who knows! Crocs maybe! :)

I have put all of this together while watching an 80's classic. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

White Stuff!

This week my Magnolia flowered for the first time in our garden. Only 2 flowers so far, but lots of buds waiting to open. I am in no hurry for them to make an appearance as the weather has turned bad and they wouldn't last very long.

This little sheep cupcake was made by a local lady. My Mum got one for each of the kids, so very cute!
Today is Shawns last Soccer game for the season, unless they make finals.
Tomorrow is Father's day.
Hopefully a nice, easy weekend!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Gee the days are flying by at lightning speed.
Miss Liberty will be 5 in less than 2 months! Usually I know exactly what to get, if I don't already have it. The life of a full time 'paid employment' working Mum!

I have spent the last 2 days at a work conference and it was fantastic! Great timing for me as I learnt alot of things that I was just not aware of. Product training was great, but most of all meeting the people that I talk to on the phone and that help me out when I have questions! Always good to put a face to the voice... even if it doesn't match up! lol

When I arrived home these were waiting for me..... mmmmmm

Not the size I ordered and paid for, but hopefully will fix that up for me! I had a pickle for afternoon tea and I think I will have another one now, in bed with a pepsi chaser! Night x

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dangars Falls

Today was a family day. No where to be, but where we wanted to be (except for the supermarket!) So we look the long way to the grocery store, via Dangars Falls. We have had an amazing amout of rain this month.

So, you can see the full length of the fall, last time we visited, you could barely see the water falling. The other image is taken from the top, looking down. It is a good walk... except when you have a cold. On the way back down I could hardly breathe... I am a vision of health and fitness! :)

Next weekend is Scrap Camp. Usually I am packed and ready to run out the door about this time. I think I have about 3 kits half put together and a pile of boxes to put my gear in. Just not enough hours in the day... and I think my creativity may have headed north for the winter. I hope it returns before camp...

Now, I am off to bed!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Today started with this guy... Elliot.

It has been, yet again another busy week. I am feeling slightly, very slightly like I may have a small grip at work. Give me a few days...

This weekend was a busy one. matt had his Basketball presentation night, Saturday was soccer and then I went into work, then we had an afternoon socialising.
Today was Shawns soccer carnival and then home to do some bike riding and getting ready for scrap camp...

We are all battling sore throats and colds and we don't seem to be winning...

Have a great week!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another weekend over...

Saturday we went to Tamworth.Just out of town we stopped and said hello to our Eee Moo friend.

I had an optometrist appointment at Specsavers (highly recommended!)then I went into the Tamworth Eastmon shop to meet some ladies that I had spoken to over the phone, but not in person. then I found a new pair of boots, $170 down to $14, I figured at that price they are good enough! Then we had lunch at Hogs Breath... it had been years since we have been to one. To fill in some time before Matt's last State League Baskeball game we headed out here.

It is a great place and it is being improved! We never allow enough time, but one day plan on making a lunch event of it. They have shelters and BBQ areas. We love the huge walk through aviary and it looks like more are being built. All of this for the bargain price of a donation!

Today, we got a few things done around home. I wished I was at a birthday party in 34 degree heat. we went back out to see our friend Eee Moo, this time with food. (He eats straight out of our carefully placed fingers).
Big week this week... my first store evaluation is Tuesday...yikes!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Change is as good as a holiday....

I had to change my blog background as the people who design them have changed something... so we now have basic grey to get us through the second part of winter, the worst part I think!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cookies and cream

Today I never left the house. I had one foot in while I reached out to the wheelbarrow to get wood! My first 'home' day in too long!
We started the day with a long distance call to Grandpa, (Thanks Grandpa, Liberty thinks she is going, on her own, tomorrow!) followed by a cooked breakfast. Then we spent most of the day with Spiderman and his sidekick 'Buzz Light'

Those two played so well and I had the chance to go through both of their cupboards and bag 2 HUGE bags of clothes that don't fit or won't fix come the warmer weather.
Then we baked... I don't bake, I just wanted to eat warm choc chip cookies. That warm melted chocolate was prefect for today. Not happy with that I remembered I had some whipped cream in the squirt can...mmmmmmmmm :)

Now, Matt is at basketball training, the kids have just started to fight for the day and I have dinner all but done.
Hope you had a great weekend! x

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I do love a great sky!

This was the view from our room last weekend at Port Macquarie. I love a great sky... I find myself wishing I was flying through it, just on take off :)

It has been many months since I have participated in a Sky Watch Friday, if you have a few minutes, click on over and have a look! They are also celebrating a Birthday!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Whale Of A Time!

Look what we did on the weekend... I love Whales. We took Shawn whale watching when he was still in a stroller, so thought it would be nice to surprise them both and go again.

This shot is one of the last of the day. We had followed these 2 Humpbacks up the coast and they got so close to the shore... I didn't think they would fit, let alone dive down!

This is probably the best shot I got. I missed the big belly slap!

This was earlier in the afternoon when we discovered that we were following not one, but two beautiful creatures!

We had a great weekend at Port Macquarie... Whales, Dolphins and Spas by the pool on Saturday and Basketball on the Sunday. It was nice to get away after working 11 days straight.... that is a huge adjustment for me. It has been 10 years since I have worked full time and I have really only done Saturday mornings for the past 4 years.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Junk bag!

Does anyone have $180 laying around that you would like to use and buy me this bag?
I found it on Etsy at JunkPrints.

Today Matt and I spent the afternoon in at my work having a huge clean-up. I don't like ladders, so Matt had all of the high jobs :) I am going in again tomorrow for a few hours. My helpers tomorrow will be Shawn and Liberty. We rewarded them late today by taking them to Toy Story 3. It was great! Toy Story #1 is still my fave, but #3 was much better than #2.

That folks, is my movie review for the week! Happy weekend and happy 234th birthday America!