Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Busy, Busy!

Today has been fairly productive. Not a lot of jobs got done, but a few big ones did. I cleaned off the computer desk. This also included sorting through the bundle of paperwork that had to be tossed or filed. I then moved onto some boxes of 'stuff' that I had in the office to 'one day sort through'. Today was that day! I now have a box to go to charity, a box of recycling, a bag of stuff and 2 boxes to go to the school and a bag of rubbish. I also have a box of stuff to give to you Mum :) The rest I just put on Matt's desk! lol
In the last few days I have been scrapping... it feels good. It had been awhile since I had scrapped multiple pages in a row. Life should slow down a bit more now...should.... School P&C stuff will get slower (it better!) The Thunderbolt Festival is over for this year, although we now run a Christmas lights comp. I will find out more about that next week at our meeting.
Well Shawn will be home any minute now and Liberty should wake up from her nap. I then need to make a start on dinner. I have some VIP guests coming tonight. Hi C, M & H they are harsh cooking critics! lol
Hope you had a good day too! x

Monday, October 27, 2008

A day @ home... fantastic!

Today I stayed at home.
I went to the mailbox and as far back as the clothesline. I love it!
Molly came for a jump this morning.
I scrapped while Liberty napped.
Then the Baldwin girls came for a jump.
Had leftover roast for dinner.
Then I had a jump!!!!
Perfect day!
This pic is from the weekend festival.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fantastic Weekend!

I have had a wonderful weekend. Saturday's Thunderbolt Festival was fantastic!! I was busy running at times but I also had time to sit back and catch up with friends, make new ones and listen to some great music. I took just over 200 photos. I didn't know which one to post, so I went with my fave part of the day. This is the Axemen, the last band of the day. They are a popular local pub band. They usually don't play day gigs. The crowd had dispersed and they called for requests. I have a new appreciation for them and musicians in general now. To be thrown a song, that they had never played and do it so well was very impressive.

It was a wonderfully warm day and since I didn't get time to visit the markets, I have a red sunburn as a memento.

My 'baby' of the event became the street parade. I think it went well. Being my first year, I can see what I will do differently next year and what groups I would like to see included. I am looking forward to it! I also enjoyed the perk that came with it. The pic of the beautiful 'Fairy Tale Tours' was my transport from the marshaling area to the park. The carriage always goes last in the parade. I quickly snapped this pic as I jumped out to move onto my next 'job'. That is Matt, Shawn and Liberty in the carriage. Matt was a great help Saturday. He helped me cover the parade and also set up and pack up the park. Thanks Pooh x
Well I am beat... I am sure I will post more pics tomorrow. night x

Friday, October 24, 2008

One more sleep!

Finally a photo of Miss Liberty on her birthday. (Yes, new hat!) I took this at about 7am as Matt opened the curtain so she could look out and see her Trampoline for the first time. She was tired and the sunlight bothered her eyes, but once she focused on the trampoline away she went! Today she could hardly walk she was in so much pain. I could tell it was her legs as they were bent and she wouldn't straighten them.... I think it is from all of the jumping.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sorry I have missed a few days... So, so busy!
Liberty's birthday was great fun! Liberty jumped on her trampoline (her birthday pressie) starting at 7.15am her last jump was at 8.15pm. Her birthday party was at an indoor play centre where she jumped on the jumping castle for 2 hours. She slept well! I have not had a chance to download any photos yet... maybe tonight.

This Saturday is the Thunderbolts Festival if you happen to be around this is a snippet of what is on...

9-10.30 am Newcastle Knights coaching clinic and signing

11am Street Parade. Opening with 200 Harley Davidson bikes...

Noon Markets, Music and food in the park. The Jumping castle (lucky Liberty), bikes, merry-go-round, rock climb wall are all FREE!! Rod Rods, Classic Cars, Ural bikes all on display.

3pm Billycart derby

This weekend is also the Newcastle to Uralla Turkey Run so we have a town full of bikes.
Lots to see and do. It actually makes me feel tired... so much to do! Bye....

Monday, October 20, 2008

One more sleep!

Tomorrow this beautiful little girl will be 3 years young.
I love her so very much....

Need sleep....

It is almost 4am and I have been awake for over an hour. I neeeed sleeeep....
This picture is of what we did this weekend. Through the week we had 100 railway sleepers delivered. We spent most of the weekend stacking them out of the way. Once we get a bobcat in we are going to start on our retaining wall. We put the sides of the veggie garden up, just need soil and plants now! I am looking forward to having a little veggie garden, it has been awhile. I hope the dog leaves it alone......
Well I need to try and get some sleep. Miss Liberty has her 3rd birthday on Tuesday, so I have a busy few days ahead.
Night/Morning :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008


This post and the song change is dedicated to a very dear friend of mine. Her husband recently surprised her with the gift of a kitten.... It was a true surprise... more of a shock than a surprise really.
I thought a good name would be Diamonds or Pandora (as in the Jewellery) because those items would have made for a great surprise gift! Last I heard she is going to be Coco... I guess that covers chocolate and perfume :)
Well we are heading out to go and see some friends. Will post with more happenings (and change the song) soon. lol

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Not much to report on really. I have been keeping busy. My JSJ DT kit arrived yesterday and I have been working my way through that and making some 'christmas things'. I have also been busy with the Thunderbolts Festival, but it all seems under control now.
Just thought I would post another pic of Floriade.
Thanks for stopping by, night x

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween Flowers

Shawn came home with these flowers today... His girlfriend gave them to him, along with a card. I think she is the perfect girlfriend, because the colour of the flowers works perfectly with my Halloween decorations... She has good taste this girl! LOL
I added some testosterone by putting the flowers in a Hot Wheels egg cup of water. :)

So sweet and innocent... may it never change....
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Sunday, October 12, 2008


This afternoon we put up our Halloween decorations. I must admit, it has been many years since they all went up. The outside ones are inside for now, closer to the day we will hang them out. Just like the Christmas decorations, I could tell y0ou something special about each item.
The day started in a lovely way. Matt cooked a BBQ breakie (yum!) Then I called Dad, and through the magic of the internet, Dad & Matt looked at cars together, 16 hours time difference between them.
I then went up to help with the last of the garage sale stuff, then home to hang out washing and prepare the house for decorating.
Matt cut grass while the kids and I cleaned up the worm farm. The local Preschool is going to have it for awhile while the children learn about recycling. It has been neglected for awhile and there are not many worms, but it will be a start form them.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend also :)

Oh, almost forgot... The wedding went well. I think the photos will be suitable after a little bit of computer magic :)
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Friday, October 10, 2008

Floriade layout

This is the double layout I created following the sketch in the post below. It is nothing like I pictured it would be!

I have just finished doing a Blind Crop over at Scrap Therapy. I love doing them, but I seem to have had other things on the last few times. I do like the page I came up with, I think it is the colours. I will post a pic another time.

Tomorrow I am a wedding singer.... opps, sorry photographer. It has been almost 12 months since my last 'job' and I am all excited but nervous. I might be able to show you a sneaky peak over the weekend ;) Hope my camera and I play nice....

I better go and get some sleep so that I am well rested! Before the wedding I have a garage sale at my Mum's to help with. If you are in town swing by and pick up a bargain! LOL

House keeping.

This is the double page sketch I designed for this months Julie's Scrapping Jewels comp. If you are the lucky winner you get $20 to spend on any scrapping goodies your heart desires from JSJ! What scrapper wouldn't mind that? :) Entries are due 31st October. If you have any trouble loading yours on the site, leave me a message and I will help out :) For anyone who may not know I am a member of the JSJ Design Team, it is another Julie who owns the store... What a great name we have :)
Hey you just have to love my computer challenged sketch effort! LOL I will load my page latter, it is still drying...
A message from the 123 team....
The October 123 Cybercrop - Monday 13th October 7:30 AEDST
This month we will have 3 Cybercrop Challenges - not 4 making it easier for you to complete them ALL.... and to complete the main October 123 Challenge too! There'll be BINGO & maybe a few DIFFERENT games too! Chatting in Chatzy of course ;) MORE DETAILS WILL BE POSTED ON THE CYBERCROP BLOG
A party invite from Charmane :)
Well I think that is it for now. Later today or tomorrow I will post some pages :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Old Man Matt

Matt thinks he looks old in this photo with his sun glasses down on his nose. Since he is away, I thought I would post it on the net for the world to see!
I took this pic while we were watching the ski race on the weekend. He is a great photographer.
Yesterday I met with Candice to talk wedding photos. This Saturday I am taking her wedding photos... We ended up stalking all of our friends and ended up having our catch up at Megs... (sorry to bombard you Meg, we had fun though!)
Today we had an impromptu dinner with the wonderful Baldwin girls. I traded them some spaghetti bol for some baby sitting while I had to be somewhere for a little bit.
Now my children are in my bed and it looks like I will have a night of kicking or go and climb into one of their beds! What a long night it shal be..... night x

Monday, October 6, 2008

Long weekend

We spent the long weekend with Lucas. We hadn't seen him since he was born, eight weeks ago. Isn't he so very cute? He is a fantastic little baby!
It was also the weekend of the Grafton 'bridge to bridge' water ski race. Matt, Shawn and I had a great time playing with our cameras :)
Well I can't stay and chat, 'Supernatural' starts back on TV tonight...priorities!!! :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008


This was the first photo I took at Floriade and it is one of my favourites. (I have not edited it in any way) I had fun 'playing' with my new Nikon DSLR. We still have a long way to go :) I love close up images with depth. In my experience only an SLR will give you this every time, no problem!
Click HERE to read more on Floriade. It is an amazing flower show in Canberra. I was suprised at how many things to do there was. Shawn often commented on what a great place it was.
Today we headed off to the park to meet up with the local gang of mothers and kids. We had to go a little early as Liberty had her first appointment with the speech 'doctor'. Liberty would go to a 'doctor' every day if she could. He was good with her and gave me the feedback that I was after. Liberty is still young (19 days until she turns 3!) So we will look closer at speech therapy early next year.
Well I am going to get back to my scrapping now. I should be folding clothes, but that is not a very fun job.... night.
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This was on a wall at the Raymond Terrace McD's. I couldn't help myself but go back to the car for the camera. Top image is the original, taken quickly while people looked at me oddly :) I played with it and came up with the bottom image while I had a snack. I will have some fun playing with this one! Hope you all 'enjoy' your day :)