Friday, March 25, 2011


Well hello there!
I am currently (for 2 looong weeks now) experiencing technical difficulties.
My laptop is struggling to keep charged. The battery will not hold charge and even when plugged into power I am doing very, very well if I can get 30 minutes out of it. I had to be super sneaky to get these images off it and onto USB. I have hijacked Shawn's little Eee PC to do this post!
I have a wedding that I need to have all edited and finalized before we go away. It will get done, just a few photos at a time, but it will get done!!
Only 19 sleeps before we go.... and counting!

Hopefully you will see more posts, more regularlywhen this new battery arrives!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Toys!!!

I am now the owner (almost) operator of an iPhone 4.

It is a pretty handy little thing... The kids (all 3 of them!!!) love it!

Country Energy are about to cut our power for the day. Should be an interesting day in our house. Normally not a problem on a beautiful sunny day, but today is a great day to curl up and watch a movie!