Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday right?

I seem to have no concept of days or dates lately! Matt is away to Newcastle and Tenterfield next week and I keep thinking it will be tomorrow.... I am sooo messed up! So unorganized too. I have done no prep for camp. I grabed a hand full of pics to go through, sat on the bed and culled! There and still hundreds more to look at, but I quit and came to sit, blog and eat Easter eggs! I hate no being ready for camp....come on Mr Mojo - Focus!!!!

Above are some more Easter photos. (In case the eggs and basket didn't give it away) lol

I have also decided today that it is time for me to find a new hoodie! My current fave is a pink Victoria's Secret one. It will soon be 2 years old, I got it when I went to see my Dad... It is the best hoodie. Before it I had a Bonds one and it was good to me as well. I just had a look on EBay, now I think I will go see what the VS web site has to offer...or GAP... I am sure I will find somewhere to spend money! :) Since I should be motivated for camp......

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fishing guy said...

Julie: Thanks for the visit. I love your picture collage but how can you go wrong with children, fish and a river. I grew up in PA 50 miles from Pittsburgh.
I have a blog friend, Gina, that is into crafts who is from Tasmania. She is on a link on my sight. I have several PA outdoors links also (Salty and Willard).
I hope you had a nice phone visit with your Dad.