Monday, June 30, 2008


Saturday night I could tell Liberty would wake up with a cold...and I was right. She spent all of last night coughing. Today she was better than I thought, until 4.15pm when she pushed on her head and screamed. The doctor saw her by 4.45 and she is now on antibiotics.... Ear infection.
I have been so very blessed. Shawn never had an ear infection and this is Liberty's first.
So between needing to do P&C stuff and getting my work together for JSJ's I have had a busy day! Tomorrow won't be any different, Wednesday should be :)
Thought I would share this image of the happy family going for a Sunday bike ride.
Actually it is not just the one family, but 2.
Infact, that is my husband riding into the sunset with another woman!
It was the best 15mins peace I had all day!!! LOL

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tomorrow is Sunday!

...and that means it is Sunday paper time :)

Not much to share. I went to work. Came home for 15mins then went up to the footy oval to help the P&C in the canteen. Back up to Armidale. Then we went over to our neighbours for dinner. We are not long home... a late night for Miss L. We had a really lovely evening. Both kids were so well behaved... isn't that great when you are out! :) My neighbour was also my 2nd class teacher, and many other things in my life since... small world.

Matt tells me that Shawn did very well at soccer today and almost scored a goal! I am stoked!

Well my PJ's are by the fire getting warm then I am off to bed.
Thanks for stopping by. x

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blue Awning Flip Book

I am a winner!!
I found out last night that I was the overall winner of the Scrapping Jewels Cyber Crop. I was so thrilled. The K&Co Flip book is my trophy. I was so tempted to order this with my last order but the bank said better not :) It looks beautiful.
My order arrived today. I am now loaded with Doodlebug Loopy Lou. My pizza box of treats also contained my new DT kit for JSJ. It looks like alot of fun. Watch this space lol
On another super note, I found out via PM that I have won 'something' at Scrap Therapy. I don't know what or what for, but hey, I didn't want to argue LOL.
On another great note I had morning tea with the girls at Megs. Miss Liberty had a sleepless night, though she slept more than I did, so she was not in a very social mood. The 2 hour nap fixed that!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Wednesday... tonight is Matt's night away for work. He had room service for dinner... That's where I get jealous! :)
This morning Liberty and I did our jobs at the school and down town. Then while we were out we figured may as well go see Molly. Then home for Liberty's nap, then to Soccer, then home and the day is done. except for Criminal Minds on soon...
I thought I would just post a pic and not share any work, don't really have any too share.
This photo was taken 12 months ago out of a window at LAX. The Californian sun. I was born just over those hills somewhere... By no means is it a great photographic shot but I like to look at it and just wonder...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Subscribed again!

Well I didn't know if I would or not, but I did. I have been getting Scrapbooking Memories for 2 years almost and the subscription finished with the issue that came today. I had a quick flick and noticed that the price went up by $20 so I picked up the phone and used a code from the last issue and also got $90 worth of Kaiser goodies! Poor postie, I will be stalking him again

Today was the biggest frost so far this year. Usually that means it will be a lovely warm day.... not today. Pam and I perched near the fire this morning then I relocated to the computer room to follow the sun.

I am working tomorrow. I rarely do weekdays but I felt I would benefit from a few hours with the regular staff to keep in the loop. Liberty and her Grandma will have a lovely time!
This page is my entry for the 123 Challenge. 6 photos, doodling and a song title were the criteria.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A lovely day.

We spent the day at Matt's parents place. His sister, Sue was visiting for the week so we went up for lunch. We sorted through years of Christmas cards, birthday, mothers and fathers day as well as the get well wishes from 25 years ago. Some cards from before Matt was born. Some were from Matt when he could just write...

Matt and the kids went off on the motorbikes. Shawn is doing very well. His confidence level is just where I like it :)
I did this LO yesterday for the 123 CC. Criteria was to use 123 in the title, buttons, felt and torn paper. These pics are from Shawns party last week. The colour is really does look better than this :)
Well I have a mountain of washing that has been neglected this week so I plan on doing that and watching Greys...yay me!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Athletic Carnival

Today was the athletic carnival at Shawn's school. With the help of some others we packed 95 hot dog lunch orders... I don't want to see a hot dog for a looooong time :)
After I got back from school I quickly threw this LO together for the JSJ CC. I had a list of things to use and had to pick 4. I went with Scallops, White C/S, Stars and circles. Easy! I am really loving the thickers alphas the colours are perfect.
At about 4.30 I was in the mood to grocery shop so I went off and did that....via the women's clothing.... I now have my black cardie to wear to work and it is not to Nanna ish.... lol
Tomorrow after work we are having a 'team bonding' exercise and going to play Ten Pin. It has been 10 years since I have bowled. We are also having lunch there.... hot dogs....

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Not much has been happening in our home. I have been busy with the JSJ cyber crop. This is the LO I did for the stash challenge.
I am tired. Liberty has discovered she can get out of her bed and walk around at 1am...
Shawn is back at school and feeling better.
Well as I said not much to report... I am off to the school now...byeeeee x

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stash Challenge

Tonight @ 8pm NSW time, I am running a Stash Challenge over at Julie's Scrapping Jewels. I am so excited... I love these :)
In approx one hour you will have a completed page. I did my sample page on the weekend and I like it! This is the list of goodies that you will need from your stash.

2 6x4 photos Landscape OR 1 5x7 or 6x8 Vertical. 1x Cardstock for the base. 2x Co-ordinating PP's must be 12 inches long but half sheets will work. 1x Scalloped circle, Artisan die-cut or similar. If you don't have one, another PP will work fine! Will need half of one of these. Embellishments, flowers, stars, buttons etc. Whatever works! Alphas for the title. Ink, Pens etc

Easy! I will post the step by step instructions HERE tonight.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Today is Pams birthday. This is the card that I made for her.

I also made her Betty Crocker Tripple Choc Brownies but they were yuckky! (my cooking, not Betty)

Shawn has been home sick (hopefully not my brownies) He has had a high temp since Friday. I think he is on the mend now. He has worn out the PS2 though! :)

thanks for stopping by! x

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pirate Pinata

Before is above
After is to the right
This is the Jack Sparrow pinata I made for Shawn's birthday party. The Oscar was on sale at Spotlight for $5. I gave the body and extra layer or 2 of paper and glue for strength. Turned the film reel into a ships steering wheel. The jacket is a brown T-shirt from Vinnies. The wig was the most time consuming. I had the calico so I soaked it in cold tea for a few days to colour it. The hair is wool that I platted and stapled too the hat. I added some beads and then did his face and done! I thought he looked pretty good!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The day after...and before...

Today is the day after Shawn's birthday and the day before his party. I made the cakes first thing this morning and will ice them last thing tonight. I still am not 100% sure what I will make them into yet....
Tonight I have a meeting to go to so that cuts into my icing time. Pretty much everything has to be done today as tomorrow is full. Mum arrives home just after midday. I am not sure what Liberty is more excited about, seeing her Grandma or the airplane!
I did the party bags last night and only have one more thing to do on the pinata. Then it is housework..... the worst part!
After the party tomorrow it is then time for me to start prepping my challenges for the JSJ cyber crop...that starts tomorrow!! I am so not organised but I will be! :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pirate Cupcakes

These are the cupcakes I made for Shawn's class to celebrate his birthday today.... if anyone is interested :)

Actually the ones in this photo are the duds... Made just to use up the frosting quickly. I didn't get a very good image of the good ones, but you get the idea.

Shawn I think has had a pretty awesome birthday. Really, with cupcakes like these how could you not! LOL

Happy Birthday My Handsome Boy xxx

Julies Scrapping Jewels Cyber Crop

Winter Warmers Cybercrop is COMING!!!!!!!

Yes you heard right, we will start the Cybercrop this week on Friday 13th June. Scary I know but what fun we're all going to have....and it's going to be over 10 whole days. This isn't a typo!!! So get your Mojo happening and check back again with us this week for more details....Don't forget your sweet treats and hot chocolate to keep you going...and there's even something for the kiddies. Great Prizes too!!!! Every entry gets a ticket into a Bonus Mystery Prize Draw AND if you bring a new friend who joins in or makes an order, make sure you tell us you sent them, and you will get 2 BONUS tickets into the draw for a better chance of winning.

Hello! Well that is JSJ's blurb to advertise the crop that starts this Friday. At this stage I am setting 5 challenges/games... I am very excited!! I really enjoy cyber crops. They are a great way to get pages done!
Having the crop over 10 days should give everyone a chance to get something done.
Tuesday night 8pm, I am doing Stash Challenge... would be great if you could make it! :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Random Thoughts...

This double layout is for the Scrap Therapy MBM Challenge. You had to scrap your hopes, dreams and goals. I am not good at thinking about myself or my life, let alone record my thoughts! Horror!!! Yesterday I sat for an hour and just typed. When I was done I didn't even proof read as I would have deleted or changed parts. I love the look of the LO and I think I like the wording...
Shawn is VERY excited about his birthday tomorrow. I can see the excitement crawling in him... I remember feeling that way about my birthdays as a kid. His 'girlfriend' called this morning to say she was coming to his party and what would he like for a gift.... soooo cute! Then I got thinking about how long this little romance has been going on for. Over 12 months!!! That is not bad for a boy who is turning 8 tomorrow! All so Innocent, the way it should be!
Well I have a pirate pinata to work on...thanks for dropping in! :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

My Diamond

This is a LO I did for the Cyber Crop over at Scrap Therapy. It really tested me. You had to use 2 types of bling (easy) a diamond shape (bit tricky) and the word 'diamond' (On no!). So I turned to Google and realised the words used to describe a diamond would also work with Miss L.
Also on scrappy news Julies Scrapping Jewels is up and running again! ... watch this space for a Cyber Crop date!!
Yesterday I had a sleep in, they are far and few between. 8.30 I made my way out of bed. Nice cooked breakie followed. At 10.30 Matt helped a mate put an air con unit into his roof. All 4 of us went out to look at there new home. At 11am I started drinking champagne!!! 11 a sleep in and a drink of bubbles what a morning! Both not like me! We left there and were home just after midday. Spent some of the afternoon working on a pinata for Shawn's party and scrapping.
Just after 5 we loaded into the car, armed with the Lamb roast I had in the slow cooker all day and headed over to the Baldwin's for dinner. The baked potatoes were soooo good and crunchy. yummmm
Well Matt and Shawn have gone off to watch Indiana Jones and the ridiculously long title at the cinema. Liberty is down for her nap so I should have 90 minutes to myself! Gotta go!! :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Invitations for a pirate!

Last night I made the invitations for Shawn's birthday party. So simple! A bit of clip art and candle make for pretty cool party invites me thinks! I think they took me an hour while I watched 'How I met your mother'. So this time in a week my mother will be arriving home, it is the school athletics carnival and I will be getting ready for a house full of kids...
Today Liberty had a return visit to the continence nurse. She is so pleased with Liberty's progress, YAY! Still a long way to go, but at least we have progress!
Well this time last year I was in Greensburg, PA going to yard sales with my Dad. Actually on this day I also had portrait photos of Shawn and Liberty taken. They were not ready before we left so Dad picked them up and WAS to send them to me........................................

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Pooh....

Today is Matt's Birthday. I think he had a good day! Started off with the gift opening ceremony. Matt was late getting started for work and was home in time to bring me some lunch. What a sweetie :) Tonight his parents came for dinner and that was lovely! I did one of Matt's favs Lasagna....yummmmo.
I had a busy day doing errands around town. Liberty and I went up to the preschool and she was so excited to be there. So next year on Wednesdays she can go each week! I drove my Grandmother to an appointment this afternoon, then tonight after dinner I snuck over to the schools Values Forum. It was quite interesting. So I am now rather tired and am heading off to bed.
I better explain the photo. This time last year we were at Disneyland and this is my hot pretzel. So, Matt had his last birthday in Disneyland, complete with fireworks!
Night x

Monday, June 2, 2008

Winter has arrived!

These beautiful flowers were at my door when we arrived home from Tamworth Sunday. A thank you from the Ferris family for when I watched Jess Friday. I love the sticks, for lack of a better term. :) Thanks Moo x
Today was a wet and windy winters day. Liberty and I wrapped Matt's birthday gifts ready for tomorrows tradition of gift opening in bed! All 4 of us pile in and watch the birthday person... Anyway Liberty's wrapping skills are not too bad for a 2 year old.
I sat online while she slept and listed some items on Ebay and spent my prize money (and some) at DIVAS. I also did my voting for the Scrap Therapy Make Believe Masters... Do think I have much of a chance the standard is pretty high... I will keep going though. The 2nd challenge is to scrap you hopes and dreams. I really dislike scrapping myself so it sure will be a challenge!
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ee Moo

Today we went on a road trip and came across this creature. Affectionately known as Ee Moo.

Just out of town on the way to Tamworth is a paddock that Matt always spots this Emu in. Today he happened to be right at the fence closest to the highway. Not content on taking this shot from across the road I crossed the highway, armed with a few slices of bread. He ate right out of our hands! Yes, my finger is still sore!

Just because I was so close I took a close up shot of the beautiful feathers. In his excitement to take the bread out of my hands some feathers got caught in the barbs of the fence... Shawn now wants to start a feather collection!

I will have fun playing with this images later when I have more time.

While at Tamworth we had an early birthday lunch for Matt. His birthday is on the 3rd and weekdays are busy...
We hit a few shops and much to my disappointment Spartys party shop is now in the Spotlight main shop... I am a bit slow...this may have happened months ago, it has been awhile since I have hung out in Tamworth.

Last night Amanda and Roy came for dinner. It has been awhile since we have had a catch up with them so it was lovely to do so!

Well I better go and get dinner for tonight... last thing I want to do is eat after a BIG lunch.... kids my need feeding though!
Thanks for stopping by and reading my Ee Moo ramblings :)