Monday, March 3, 2008

Dates for your Diary.

Last night we set a date for the next Scrapping Jewels Cyber Crop. April 4-5-6. Looks like I get to play Blind scrapping!!!! YAY! I am very excited!! Lots of fun things planned. Watch this space! this is super exciting (for me anyway...) Starting today, over at JSJ is a
52 week challenge!!!! Based on Elsie Flannigans book. I have joined in on one of these before and LOVED it!! (unfortunately the site was sold and the challenge stopped!) This is a no pressure challenge. It would be great if you did your LO in that week, but not necessary, you can work at your pace.
Now this is my baby... so as you can imagine I would like to see it do well. I am not above bribes to see that happen :) sooooo anyone who reads my blog and completes the first 4 weeks, in time, gets a RAK from little ole me! I have no idea what the RAK will be. It could be my Daughter who should be asleep but isn't....LOL. Leave me a message and keep me posted if you join in!

The March sketch challenge is also up at JSJ. You will find all of the info
HERE. It is a great Challenge...The prize is beautiful.... Miss Meg was last months winner!!! You Rock!! :)

Words from the wise...."Do yourself a favour!"

Update....Liberty couldn't sleep because she didn't like the clothes she had on. So I will include her wardrobe in the RAK!!! :)


Meg Barnden-Hyde said...

I may have to get my book back off you so I can do this competition { we can share}...sounds great...count me in...didn't get a chance to ring you was with Pam in Armidale most of the day - will call you tomorrow

Julia said...

Hiya Julie...would love to participate in the challenge again as well! However everytime I try to go to the website I get website blockage due to security certificate error. Know what's going on? Julia