Friday, February 26, 2010

Uralla Markets

Tomorrow morning I am off to try and sell my goods at the local markets. I have been super busy sewing up a storm every spare moment I had this week. (hence the lack of blogging)

I have various sized tote bags, I even made a 'scrappers tote' that will fit pizza boxes or scrap albums. I have crayon activity bags and my very favourite... fabric camera straps!

The 2 in the photo were the first 2 I made, and I now have 7! I had to order the buckles and strapping from America, the only place I could find on the www that sold what I needed and I had to look long and hard to find them. Turns out that they were from the same state my family lives in...
I have interfaced and padded the straps so they are very comfy and only $20 each. I have seen them as much as $40 on the www.
I will have to finish up at the markets by noon as I have Martin and Nicoles wedding to shoot that afternoon.

Busy. Busy.

Hat Head

For more sky views from around the world, go check out Sky Watch Friday.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Well we are home from a beautiful wedding at the lovely Hat Head. It is a small, sleepy coastal town. The kids swam and relaxed. Matt was great and did alot of keeping the kids busy kind of things while I focused on getting ready to take photos and hemming Shawn's pants. Last minute is always a good time to get things done! Shawn was a very well behaved paige boy, everyone was so proud of him... We informed him that he would have to give a speech at the wedding. He knew his uncles were kidding with him and he took it in his stride. He has a wonderful sence of humor and can give as good as he gets with his Uncles...and his father!

So we are home.

I will leave you with images of last nights dinner.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wedding time!

We are heading over to the coast tomorrow. Matt's neice is getting married and I get to play photographer! So exciting!!!

Have a great weekend! x

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My bags, baby!

I have been steadily sewing up bags. I gave some as gifts at Christmas and now plan on stockpiling them to sell at markets, online of from the back of my car! I still have lots to make and some lovely upholstery and lined curtain fabric to play with... think I might do that today.
I *plan* on posting the bags over at HAPPY SNAPS as I make them. If you are interested in one, leave me a message or send me an email and I will get back to you.

Yes, thank you I have recovered from last nights post.... and the gym! x

Monday, February 15, 2010

First time...

Today, for the first time... I forgot to put Shawn's lunchbox in his school bag. I feel soooooo bad! I made and packed the lunch, and it is still sitting on the bench where I left it... I filled the water bottle and packed it so that is a plus!

So that will teach me to have things OTHER than my children on my mind. I was called into work to fill in as someone was sick and I also had my first 'appointment' at a gym to pack clothes, shoes etc for... how selfish of me!

So now that I feel really lousy, I am going to have a Pepsi (only my third for today!!!!!!!) that will make me feel better. I will sit in front of the TV, surround myself with washing that needs to be put away, sewing that needs to be done and a floor that needs vacuuming as I went to work today and no one else did it!


* The canteen lady gave Shawn some lunch so he didn't starve... now I need to go see her and try and convince her I am not totally useless!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wedding Sky Watch

This is another one of my fave images shot at Laura and Brendans wedding. I thought it would be appropriate for Sky Watch Friday

I am off to spend the better part of the day at the pool :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Over @ Happy Snaps...

I just posted the last of Laura and Brendan's wedding images over at Happy Snaps
I have a week off, then I will be getting stuck into my next wedding. Matt's Niece is getting married over at Hat Head. My beautiful boy is a very tall paige boy :) I am looking forward to this wedding!

Today was a big day. Wedding photo hand over this morning, school P&C stuff this afternoon, including cooking BBQ dinner at the high school swimming carnival. Thanks to my friends for helping out, much appreciated x

Tomorrow is Shawn's swimming carnival.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Scrapbooking Top 50

This month I am so stoked to be the Guest DT member over at Scrapbooking Top 50!

This Lo is for a challenge that has to be about something you love, not a person, but something. The other criteria that is to keep your page simple, no embellies, flowers, bling, ribbon etc. Also to ink your edges. I love the look of inked edges...

This challenge is "10 things I love about you". The criteria I set was, use white cardstock as the base, an altered a flower and place something randomly on your page.

Go on, have a go!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dangars Falls

Yesterday afternoon it was time to get out of the house!
So while Matt was at State League Basketball training Shawn, Liberty and I went bushwalking. It was the perfect weather for it, overcast and slightly cool.
The top pic is the full falls and the bottom pic is the view from the top of the falls looking down. National Parks have done a great job with the walking tracks.

I also did some scrapping on the weekend... but I can't show you yet :) They are for the Scrapbooking Top 50 Cyber Crop that starts tonight!
They always have the best CC's and being a guest designer this month makes it extra special :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Friday comes around quickly.

Sky Watch Friday is on again. I missed last Friday, it was almost lunch time when I realised what day it was :)
We have had hot, then cool, then cold now muggy weather. I snapped this shot as the afternoon storm was clearing. The grey clouds were moving fast out of the way making way for the evening light to colour the clouds.
If you have the time go and visit other skies through Sky Watch Friday.


Today I used this...

To make this...

Then when I needed a break I went and put a Hibiscus tree in the garden and noticed these...

My new Magnolia is doing something!!! I didn't have much hope that it would live, it didn't seem to like me much. I am so, so happy :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wedding snaps

I am slowly but surely getting through all of Laura and brendans wedding photos that I took just over a week ago. If you would like to go and check them out visit me HERE

Keep checking back as I am trying to add to the collection as I go.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I am a lucky girl!

A friend delivered these to me today and stayed for a visit... She must be a great friend! x

February Guest DT over at Scrapbooking Top 50

I am thrilled to be the February Guest Design Team member over at Scrapbooking Top 50. It really is the only scrap place I hang out these days, now that my time is taken up with so many other things.

I will be contributing 1 challenge for the Cyber Crop and also another fun thing later in the month.... watch this space :)

This week I am also the Scrapper in the spotlight over at TOP 50, if you are curious to learn a little bit more about the scrappy side of me, head over for a sticky beak.