Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another weekend over...

Saturday we went to Tamworth.Just out of town we stopped and said hello to our Eee Moo friend.

I had an optometrist appointment at Specsavers (highly recommended!)then I went into the Tamworth Eastmon shop to meet some ladies that I had spoken to over the phone, but not in person. then I found a new pair of boots, $170 down to $14, I figured at that price they are good enough! Then we had lunch at Hogs Breath... it had been years since we have been to one. To fill in some time before Matt's last State League Baskeball game we headed out here.

It is a great place and it is being improved! We never allow enough time, but one day plan on making a lunch event of it. They have shelters and BBQ areas. We love the huge walk through aviary and it looks like more are being built. All of this for the bargain price of a donation!

Today, we got a few things done around home. I wished I was at a birthday party in 34 degree heat. we went back out to see our friend Eee Moo, this time with food. (He eats straight out of our carefully placed fingers).
Big week this week... my first store evaluation is Tuesday...yikes!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Change is as good as a holiday....

I had to change my blog background as the people who design them have changed something... so we now have basic grey to get us through the second part of winter, the worst part I think!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cookies and cream

Today I never left the house. I had one foot in while I reached out to the wheelbarrow to get wood! My first 'home' day in too long!
We started the day with a long distance call to Grandpa, (Thanks Grandpa, Liberty thinks she is going, on her own, tomorrow!) followed by a cooked breakfast. Then we spent most of the day with Spiderman and his sidekick 'Buzz Light'

Those two played so well and I had the chance to go through both of their cupboards and bag 2 HUGE bags of clothes that don't fit or won't fix come the warmer weather.
Then we baked... I don't bake, I just wanted to eat warm choc chip cookies. That warm melted chocolate was prefect for today. Not happy with that I remembered I had some whipped cream in the squirt can...mmmmmmmmm :)

Now, Matt is at basketball training, the kids have just started to fight for the day and I have dinner all but done.
Hope you had a great weekend! x

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I do love a great sky!

This was the view from our room last weekend at Port Macquarie. I love a great sky... I find myself wishing I was flying through it, just on take off :)

It has been many months since I have participated in a Sky Watch Friday, if you have a few minutes, click on over and have a look! They are also celebrating a Birthday!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Whale Of A Time!

Look what we did on the weekend... I love Whales. We took Shawn whale watching when he was still in a stroller, so thought it would be nice to surprise them both and go again.

This shot is one of the last of the day. We had followed these 2 Humpbacks up the coast and they got so close to the shore... I didn't think they would fit, let alone dive down!

This is probably the best shot I got. I missed the big belly slap!

This was earlier in the afternoon when we discovered that we were following not one, but two beautiful creatures!

We had a great weekend at Port Macquarie... Whales, Dolphins and Spas by the pool on Saturday and Basketball on the Sunday. It was nice to get away after working 11 days straight.... that is a huge adjustment for me. It has been 10 years since I have worked full time and I have really only done Saturday mornings for the past 4 years.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Junk bag!

Does anyone have $180 laying around that you would like to use and buy me this bag?
I found it on Etsy at JunkPrints.

Today Matt and I spent the afternoon in at my work having a huge clean-up. I don't like ladders, so Matt had all of the high jobs :) I am going in again tomorrow for a few hours. My helpers tomorrow will be Shawn and Liberty. We rewarded them late today by taking them to Toy Story 3. It was great! Toy Story #1 is still my fave, but #3 was much better than #2.

That folks, is my movie review for the week! Happy weekend and happy 234th birthday America!