Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I just had a quick look and thought I would put this together.
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Cassey & Andy's beautiful wedding

Last Thursday we travelled 8 hours to Canberra for Casseys and Andys wedding. I worked with Space (Cassey) for a few years. It was during that time her and Andy started dating. They are the most beautiful couple. I could rave all day about how wonderful they are...I won't though. :)

This is the super quick card I made for them. I knew for months that the wedding was coming, but still left it to the last minute to make! It looks much better IRL, Oh well....
The wedding photo is not the best. I have only just loaded them and have not yet had a good look at them all. The computer is telling me that in the 5 days we were away I took 535 photos.
While in Canberra we went to Floriade (flower show) Questacon Museum, Parliament House and The Mint. We wanted to hit the Dinosaur Museum the day we left but in opened later than I wanted to stay. We need to hit the road. On the way home, to break the trip, we stayed a night in Newcastle to visit my Uncle. I took the kids on a ferry boat to the city.
Well I better keep moving, so far I am having a productive day.... feels good :)
Thanks for stopping by!
PS The song at you are listening to is the song Case walked down the 'red carpet' too. The wedding ceremony was at Lennox Gardens....again perfect!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fun of the Fair.

The School Spring Fair was yesterday!
What a huge job. I am told it was a great day and everyone enjoyed themselves. It is hard to gage how an event is going when you are so caught up in it.
This photo was taken as I was running from the kitchen to the BBQ. Annette grabbed my camera from me and just took it. Matt and Liberty came by just at the right time!
Liberty had a super time!!! Until it was time for the Jumping castle to go home.
The fair had some fantastic helpers. I would like to thank Matt and my girlfriends for all of their hard work and support, I appreciate all of you very much!! x
Shawn missed the fair as he is currently in Melbourne. He went down with his Grandma on Saturday. From what I hear they are having a great time. When I spoke to Shawn tonight he had just gotten out of the hotel pool and spa... poor kid! LOL
Bed time fom me, It may take me a month to recover! :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today at the school assembly, Shawn's reading group performed the play that they made up by reading the book "Amy and the bullies". They did such a great job!!
The first pic is Liberty playing at Pre-School when I had to drop some things off. The next few are Shawn receiving an award. As you can see he was already dressed for his play. The lovely Monique is in red. That is Shawn's long time girlfriend in the pink apron. We had a lovely conversation about her marrying Shawn after assembly, I must talk to Shawn when he gets home from school :)

PS. for a larger view of the photos click on them!

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Monday, September 15, 2008


This is my page for this months 123 Challenge.

1. Spots

2. Scallops

3. Teal

The pic of Liberty is the first one that I have taken of her with my new Nikon. It is not a brilliant photo, but still cute :)

Today was a very productive day! Pam came around for '5 minutes'.... So together with Rachels help we wrapped all of the lucky dips for the School's Spring Fair this Sunday.
Pam also put together 2 outstanding posters for the highway.

She is very talented Miss Pam :)

I cut the letters out yesterday afternoon using
the cricut. It is a super machine for a job like this.

Well Shawn just rode in from school so I will go and see how his day was. Bye :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lovin' Paypal!

At this moment I think Pay Pal and Ebay are fantastic!
6 Weeks ago I ordered myself a new Digital SLR, Nikon! Ever since my first job in photographics I have wanted a Nikon. With 2 weddings booked I thought now was a good time.
So long story shortened so as not to bore you all... I got ripped off!!! I wanted to buy in Australia and do the right thing. So from a company in Melbourne I won the auction. After a month of excuses as to why they had not sent the camera I finally complained to Pay Pal. Friday I walked into work and got exactly what I wanted. I paid a bit more but I had it!!! Saturday morning Pay Pal had returned all of the money that I lost to the dodgy Ebay seller!!! I love it when things work as they should. I am now a huge fan of the Pay Pal system!

I have taken over 300 shots on my Nikon, Sorry Rachel and I have taken over 300 shots :)
When I make the time to download the software I will share :)

My super soccer boy had his first presentation day today. He picked up a hat, certificate and a awesome trophy! I am very proud of him, he improved so much!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

This is a photo that I took in December 2004. It is at Shanksville, Pennsylvania, USA. It is the site where a United plane crashed out of the sky, 7 years ago today.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Been awhile...

This is another LO I did at camp.
It was from the criteria for one of the 123 Cyber Crop challenges.
I quite like the simple, clean lines of this page.
Hope everyone is well... :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tweet Hearts

This is another page I did a camp. I have used the new Daisy Bucket papers from Scrap Therapy.
They are beautiful textured papers in yummy colours. I must say that I did find them tricky to use... I have a hard time cutting up nice papers :)
I do love this photo!
Shawn is busy working on a boat for his school project. I think this is his first big project. He is so excited about it! Nice to see him excited about school. He helped me set up the Father's Day stall at school this morning. Liberty was also a great helper. When it was Shawn's class that came, she went back with him for 10 minutes. She likes going to 'school'.

Monday, September 1, 2008

No more camp!

I am back from camp.
We were told yesterday that it would be the last camp Lisa would run... Lisa does a FANTASTIC job with her camps and she will be missed.....
I managed to pump out 10 single pages and 3 double LO's. Not too bad! The one above is one of my fav's.
It is for the 123 Challenge CC. The challenge was to use, Material (felt and thread from upholstery fabric) Circles and flourishes (flourishes are stamped with watermark ink so you don't really see them in a photo, sorry) and also bling.
I am so, so tired. I am looking forward to November when my major commitments are over!! Then I can get back to my life for awhile!

I arrived home from camp to find Matt sick with a cold. He only managed a fews hours of work today, he is now sound asleep. I also have Shawn home from school with a tummy bug that has been doing the rounds.... Did I mention I am looking forward to November....