Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter in a nutshell.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter break. We sure did! I have just finished downloading my 230 + photos. I will share more with you over the next few posts.

We arrived at Green Oak lunch time Friday and not long after it rained for a good 15 minutes. The rain there is perfect. It doesn't usually last long, cools you down and fills the tanks! ...and is great for washing your hair! These are Matt's Nieces.

After the rain it was time for us to go and see how much the river had changed from the flood in January. House to the river is about a 5 minute drive through the paddocks. Combi runs down to use up some energy. Lots of smells to be smelt. At this one tree she must have found something of interest and stopped, as we caught up to her whatever she had found spooked her and she ran backwards... under the car... She is OK, nothing seems broken. She is badly cut on a back leg and will have some war scars but the swelling is going down. She did have a pretty sad few days.

The next day we had another attempt at seeing the river...we made it!

..but when we went to get in the new tipped! to my wonderful husbands defence the canoe had never been used by the family before so we didn't know how bad it was! You couldn't breath with out it rocking! So the 3 of us were in and as he went to step in we tipped! Liberty was not impressed and we struggled to get her in another canoe or boat, but she did get in and she loved it! Her job was to wind the fishing reels at inappropriate times!

That blue bag on the bank you see saved my camera from drowning. My inability to go anywhere without a Pepsi payed off. I had the camera in its bag, in the drink bag. The drink bag was soaked and the outside of the camera bag wet but not soaked through...

Apart from those incidents we came good and had a great long weekend. The kids played so well. We got to see family we haven't seen for 2 or 3 years...or longer... Rick came from Innisfail for the occasion. The occasion was to celebrate Matt's parents 50th wedding anniversary.

Shawn caught a good size fish, Matt got to ride his nephews moto, super cross something bike that is apparently "so powerful it is scary" , Liberty slept perfectly.

The Easter Bunny came and a possum followed behind to take the eggs through the night, but the Bunny was too smart and hung the baskets up high. We had a little bat in our bedroom one morning.

We did make it home in time for our 2nd annual Easter egg hunt with the Baldwin girls..I love egg hunts!!! :) Liberty was pretty much over everything at this stage, but she did pretty good.

Well as you can see from all of my excitement over the weekend I am sleepy... I will share more pics tomorrow....night x


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