Sunday, May 4, 2008

The weekend!

What a busy weekend! I will start at the top pic and work around. On Thursday Matt came home from work with this Pepsi bottle. He stopped for a drink at a small town in the middle of no where and this is what he found! Cute! The next pic is Casseys wedding invitation that is so elegant. Saturday was Shawns first soccer game. I took the day off work, I couldn't miss this! He did well and had lots of fun... they did loose 1-0. They played a team of girls that have been together for 2 years, this their 3rd. They played very well.
Today we went down to they park for some photo opps (hehehehe) The weather was beautiful today. I think we were at the park almost 2 hours... As we were heading back to the car we saw a duck. As we walked closer we could tell it wasn't well, then realised it had a broken wing and couldn't fly. So we caught it pretty easily in my hoodie and took him home. When we had a closer look we could see that the bone was actually through the skin. Matt called WIRES (wildlife rescue) and they directed us too the vet. Unfortunately the vet wasn't hopefully..... Shawn was upset, I was too. I know what ever happened at the vets was much better than a cat or dog finding him.... I will call tomorrow and find out what happened.
So in between all of this I scrapped. Lots was happening this weekend in the scrapping world. I will show you bits through the week. x

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Meg said...

Hey Julie...I've got the BB money for u...Did we get everything we wanted?? Can't wait to see it all. Have a good week cheers Meg