Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weather outlook.

A few days ago I heard that snow has been predicted for Sunday...Tomorrow! I love snow. I guess it feels like home in some way. I have spent a few of my school summer vacations with my Dad in Pennsylvania, USA. So even though I lost our hot summer, I was lucky to experience some amazing snow. One time my cousin Sara and I made this massive snowball in a corn field. It was almost as high as us...I think we were 7..maybe 10. I will have to hunt down those photos.
This photo was taken on my last northern winter trip in Dec 2004. Unfortunately Matt and Shawn didn't get to see alot of snow as it was a mild winter, and not even the right snow to make a snow man! That was disappointing!
Well now that I have had my little walk down memory lane I think it is time to make a long distance phone call. Sara if you read this, I love you x

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