Thursday, May 8, 2008


Well it is a lovely sunny day here. This morning I had the Mothers Day Stall at school and it was a great success! Thanks Pam and Courtney... I appreciate you :) Can't wait to see what Shawn purchased for me..... lol
So Liberty is in bed and should wake up any minute now. I have done nothing! Sat in the sun in my computer room. I have replied to some email and read some that I had neglected. Then I played on facebook. What a time waster that is.... I did 22 quizzes. The site must have been busy it was very slow. At least I will sleep better knowing what type of flirt I am! lol
I also had an email from
Blue Bazaar informing me that I won a $50 Making Memories pack from the weekend cyber crop they had. It was for the page below of Liberty. I am pretty chuffed about that! I also had a RAK arrive today from the Divas cc a few weekends back.
Well I really should go and do something productive....should! lol................ ;)

PS, Not sure why the rating things have appeared on the blog...must be a blogger thing!

EDIT: I just added the animated "Julie" nice to actually look like her! LOL

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