Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thicker Skin Required.

What have I done!!!!
Well tonight I went to my first 'Uralla Events Committee' meeting and I walked out as the Vice chair.... This is so not like me.... I am the one who sits in the corner and doesn't speak for fear of speaking out of turn... So that is where I got the title of this post from. I will need a thick skin so I don't take everything so personal. I think this may be a very good opportunity for me to grow in knowledge, confidence and capabilities... Having said all of this the VC is not that big of a deal, but it is too me.
The UEC organizes the 'Thunderbolt Fair' in our little country town of 2000 people. It is held on a weekend in November. This year the guest performer was country singer Felicity. There are rides for kids, markets, food, Battle of the bands comp, billycart comp, street parade etc. All of this seems to be organised by 6-10 people... Thunderbolt was our local bushranger.

Well I am sure I did other things today but at this moment I am still stuck with 'What have I done'!!!!!


Meg Barnden-Hyde said...

Way to go Julie.... I clean my house today... Meg

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty thick skinned (you have to be when people forget your b'day - just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!), if you ever want some lessons, you know where I am.

It'll be Mayor next!

Guess WHo