Thursday, December 6, 2007

Suprise Box!

I just received a box of Chrissy pressies from my Dads cousin in America!!! I am so stoked! I think they are Hallmark ornaments for each of us, including Mum, a box for the kids and some planters peanuts for us. YUM!!! They will be unwrapped tonight if I can wait that long. How thoughtful is that!! I cried...then I came onto the computer and had the country internet radio playing and it was Tim McGraw's 'Live like you were dying' Love that song!
Well the badly taken photo is a double LO that I just finished, I think I will enter it in Keep'n The Memories comp. It doesn't show them very well but the blue dots are the plastic beads that you get with the kids stained glass craft kits. They melt in the oven. Anyway I had some left over and the colour worked better than anything else I had. They look nice and sparkly!
Carols was nice last night. Shawn sang in the school choir and he did very well, no silly business! He is back at school today for the activity day thingy, he gets to go to the park for fun and games. After school he has mini ball and I have my first work meeting... I printed 30 cards on Tuesday and will have to make some more today. Last year I did too many, this not enough...
One last thing and I will stop my rambling. :} I believe you don't have to log in to make a comment, you just click on anonymous and go from there... hint hint :}
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Taking the hint hint and leaving a comment..........guess who

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do you know who I am?????