Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

Well that is another Christmas over. It didn't feel alot like Christmas this year... I am not sure why. Maybe the weather is cooler than normal or my Mum being away, or my lack of preparation...not sure, but we all still have had a great few days. We had a BBQ breakie at Matt's sisters 20 minutes away, then we stopped in to see Matt's mum in hospital. We had a few hours at home where Liberty slept, Shawn put his Star Wars Lego together, Matt and I just sat and watched. :} I was feeling off and was hoping it was not the bug that is doing the rounds. I had a 20 minute 'Power Nap' and felt great for it. I am very tired... Around 5 we headed off to the Baldwins for a yummy baked dinner. We decided early on that dinner would be best turned into a sleep over. The kids all had a great night with various toys and the 'sing star'. I even gave it a go... Glad this blog doesn't have sound. lol. Pam did a great cooked breakie this morning and then we returned to our Christmas mess. Matt is now in bed with the shivers and a high temp... again I hope he is just tired. Well I best get myself into bed. Thank you again to the Baldwin family for sharing your day with us Myhills. I am very grateful x
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Pamela said...

OMG both Monique and Courtney have the same thing this afternoon, I hope they don't have a bug......we might have shared more than christmas spirit...