Sunday, December 23, 2007

2 Sleeps

Only 2 more sleeps.... but if I don't get to bed soon it will be 1 more sleep. I just had a few more things to wrap. I think I only have one to wrap tomorrow and that is the fish tank for the kids. Shawn has his cousin from the gold coast sleeping over tonight and they are still awake deep in conversation about Lego something or other. The time is 10.49!!! So much for an early night! He doesn't get to see Jake often so this is really good for them to hang out. But they could do it tomorrow....
Today we had the Myhill gift swap. We do a secret Santa kind of thing and it works really well with such a big family. We were meant to have a dinner tonight but Matt's Mum is in hospital and will be until after Chrissy. She is doing really well though and is in good spirits.
Yesterday I worked in the morning and it was painfully slow! Everyone has finished their camera shopping and photo printing. In the afternoon I had my Mother and Grandmother down for our Christmas dinner. We started with gifts then Christmas BINGO. We really are the coolest family. My Grandmother in America likes to play BINGO at Christmas and has little prizes. I carried the tradition into my mothers side a few years ago and we really enjoy it!

Well I need my sleep, Goodnight x

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