Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Cookies.

Today we made a mess!
We had a great time doing so.
Matt and I made 11 soft pretzels and 1 pretzel dog. They were pretty good for our first attempt. It took a good bit of arm action to make the dough long enough to twist into shape. While we worked on those I had Sugar Cookie dough waiting in the fridge. I didn't get to them until 7.30 tonight. Shawn and Liberty had a great time decorating them, with Grandmas help. Sorry the photos are bad, I am so tired. I still have gifts to get ready for tomorrow. Sitting at the computer strangely enough does not get them done!
Last day of work tomorrow for me until next is going to be soooooooo busy. I think my worst customers are husbands wanting to get their wife a new camera. Great thought, but most have no clue as to what features she wants....
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Anonymous said...

They all look good to eat Julie..on the pretzels try rubbing some butter whilst hot & add cinnamon sugar on..scrumptious..cheers Julia