Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,
This year I would like an updated first aid kit please.

I find I am relying on my Dr Pamela for medical advice, time and supplies more than I should. A new kit with the things that I should have, but don't would be of great use. Then again, I am glad it wasn't me that had to lance my son's pox thing on his hand tonight. Maybe you should just deliver that kit straight to Pam's!

Thanks Santa

Thanks Pam xxx


Pamela said...

I hear K-Mart have a really good one on sale.....might want to check it out. Don't worry the bill will be in the

Meg Barnden-Hyde said...

Don't worry Julie, Pam had to fix Maddison's knee up for me today. So your not the only one who needs her Cheers Meg

Anonymous said...

Well I rang Pam from Coffs for a consultation about Indi's sore eye, we both decided it was a sty. But it wasn't. (so the real Dr said anyway) I don't hold it against her, I'm sure if she actually saw the eye she would have knew what it was.

Rachel (that was alot of typing)