Sunday, December 16, 2007

Food, glorious food!

Today I discovered the food network website as I was looking at 2 Peas. I found some super recipe's. Now, I am no baker or a gourmet chef but I will give this site a good workout. So far I have Sugar Cookies, Shoo fly Pie and Hot Pretzels in my sites. I think the Pretzels will be great in the wood oven at Green Oak for after Christmas. I will make some and freeze them. 5 years ago we went to Lancaster PA to a Pretzel factory and actually got to make one. Hopefully I can remember how to twist them... The photo is us at Downtown Disney eating Pretzels, Matt has a Pretzel Dog. (hot dog wrapped in pretzel) Yummmmmmm.......
Today has been a bit of a kick back kinda day. Pam came which was nice. I am a bit cut off from civilization with Shawn having his spots! Today is a better day so hopefully the worst is over. He is at Grandmas building Lego. He did the same yesterday. Matt took Liberty so I could get too the pressies. 3 hours latter they were all done and hidden. What a job!! Still have a few family items to shop for then I think I am done!
Tonight we are taking Miss Hannah to Armidale to see the Christmas lights. We have taken all of the girls on 'dates'. It has taken awhile to get to you Hannah, I am sorry. :}


Anonymous said...

Pretzels are yumm..DH made some this know where you're coming from. have fun making them Julie.

Julie said...

Do you have any tips for me? I think I will need all the culinary help I can get! lol