Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Friends.

This is Combi (Dalmatian) and Smuggler (Budgie). Combi will wait at the door as if waiting for Smuggler to come out and play. Can you see the dog slobber on the glass door? She gets a little excited our Combi... Today we let Smuggler out for a wonder about and she went straight over to the glass door and to Combi. I must have taken over 30 photos. I like this one as Combi looks to be smiling :)
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bookbabie said...

Cute shot! Our only pet right now is a squirrel that comes to the back door for peanuts;)

Maria said...

Oh what a nice shot! I also have a dog, and 7 desert mice in 2 glass cages, and our dog loves to watch the mice through the glass, and sometimes she jumps a the mice, and the mice race through the cage to hide or some of the simply stay still, depending upon their age ane their grade of deafness :)
Have a merry Christmas season!
Thank you for your visit on my blog!

floreta said...

this is the cutest picture! the dog seems all smiles.