Sunday, December 7, 2008

I did this LO last night as my week 7 entry at Scrapbooking top 50. The criteria was to only use Green, Red and White colours. It was actually a tricky challenge not to let any gold or silver sneak in. I really had to hold back from doodling a black border around the scallops! lol
Today has been a bit of a non-day. Good weather for that kind of thing. This afternoon I met some friends down at the park to take some family photos. After my blogging adventures I will have a look and see how we went!
Matt has just gone to bed. He has been fighting a cold. Add to that the sore nose he has from basketball last week and the lack of sleep that comes with it...he is run down.

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Anonymous said...

i love the page! One of your best. Kisses to Matt..