Tuesday, December 16, 2008

9 Sleeps!

This shoe I picked up at Erina Westfield on the Central Coast. We were on our way to Andy & Casseys wedding in Canberra and stopped for a retail break. I just thought it was cute! :)

Today.... has been a long day.
Liberty now has a dreadful ear infection and is on 2 antibiotics for that. She was up all night crying in pain. So when Matt went to the doctor we took her. Family discount!
The good news is that they both don't have to go back until Friday.
Mum came and stayed with Liberty while she napped. I had to go and play Santa for 200 wonderful Primary school kids. Each child got an icy pole. I think my scissors will be sticky forever :)
Tonight, because Liberty had a huge nap, we went and looked at Christmas lights... It is beginning to look alot like Christmas...
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