Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another great day!

Today was another day closer to Christmas. It was a good day, nothing extra ordinary, just a good day... After school today Shawn received his Christmas gift from his girlfriend. A bird. A Budgie.
I knew he was getting it today, but he didn't. He is so happy! Liberty is a little unsure of 'that bird'. Once its wings are clipped and we can handle it more, she will never put it down! I am told he (think it is a he) is just out of the nest. I will load some pics tomorrow.
The Giraffe ornament actually came from Kmart last year. November last year, for my birthday we went to Taronga Zoo and fed the Giraffes, that is why we have him!
Well it is late. We are not long home from the park. It was Carols by Candlelight tonight. Shawn was a Wise man...or as I affectionately called him, a wiseguy. I actually saw a highschool friend of mine a carols, who only lives 20 minutes away, but I rarely see. I love catching up with him. He is one of my favourite people.
Well I think i will be naughty and get some chocolate icecream and go to bed and watch some telly. x

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