Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Spider.

This is our handmade beaded Christmas Spider. The story behind the Christmas Spider is lovely if you are interested read HERE.

Liberty had another great nights sleep. Just what she needs to get better. Matt's arm is not so sore anymore, but still icky. They are both off to the doctor tomorrow...

This morning was Shawn's class Christmas party. I took my apple slinky over and the kids got to each turn the handle and peel and cut their apple. They thought it was pretty neat! While I did that Liberty made a clay ornament with the class. It will come home tomorrow so I will share a photo then.
This afternoon we went and had Santa photos taken in Armidale. Liberty did pretty good. Then we picked up 6 pizzas and headed back to the Baldwins for an early Christmas. I just then finished making some cards and now I think I will have a quick game of Facebook poker before bed. Night x

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