Monday, December 15, 2008

Last week of school for 2008!

This is Shawn's last week of year 2 at school. I am pretty sure this week is party week. Today he watched 2 DVDs, Tomorrow is a party at the pool and a visit from Santa. I get to play Santa's helper and hand out Zooper Dooper icy poles to the kids. Thursday is his class party and I think Friday is another rewards party... Life is good when you are 8!
Matt had his visit to the doc this morning and is now on another type of antibiotic for infection.... He will go back again in the morning. Life is not so good when you are 32 :)
This blurry photo is of a tin. 'Santa' left me this one year by the fire place. It contained 3 pieces of black soap. I have had the tin ever since. At a guess I was 8. Do you remember Mum, sorry I mean Santa? x

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