Thursday, December 11, 2008


This is Shawn's ornament from Hershey PA. We got this in 2002 when he was 2. We also have one that has 'Grandpa' on it.
Today has been busy, busy! Pam, Molly and Rach stopped in this morning. Liberty and I went up to the swimming pool to see how Shawn was doing. The school has been running swimming lessons for the past 2 weeks. His teacher is very happy with him, so that makes me happy!
Liberty decided that she didn't need a nap today and was full of energy. So in between tending to her beck and call I did some P&C paperwork. We are trying to get some shade shelters put up at the school. I am hoping that the local council may hand out some $$$$$ so I am putting together a nice little package of info for their next meeting.
Matt was away last night for work. Today he called and asked me to make him a doctors appointment... I have only been asking since Monday for him to go. He has an abscess on his arm.... just to gross you out it looks like bugs will start crawling out of it any minute now! But what a good idea of HIS to go to the doctor........
Well I am off to school presentation tonight so I better get these children of mine ready for the evening!
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a passion 'n frames said...

fun fun... I love ornaments and each year I get my kids special ones for whatever they were into that year. Most of mine come from Cost Plus or Pier I as I am not very crafty but I love seeing all of yours.