Monday, December 22, 2008

Cristmas Candy Container

I got the idea for these containers from the wonderful Mrs Rach. The container cost $2 from the local cheepie shop. It is a fishing tackle box. I used one sheet of Basic Grey double sided paper to cover the lid. Some stickers, Kindy Glitz and Dimensional Magic. Then comes the good stuff... lollies. The majority of these came from a local speciality shop where you can by each variety by the scoop. It is not an economical way to fill the container, but you can find candy that you normally wouldn't find at a supermarket and it makes for a more fun surprise! I am just waiting on the Mod Podge to dry on one I am making as part of a 21st gift. You can pretty much fill these with anything! I think they make a unique gift. They would be no good for me... one TV show and they would be all gone! LOL


my5bratz said...

as usual I see these great ideas too

ds gave his sister a tackle box this year (and rod etc) and it would have been great to fill with lollies first...think I might do this for dd and dil next year with a box for all their scrapping bits

hope you guys all have a FANTASTIC xmas and new year (and yes the spider story's a good one :0)

Mamapippa said...

A candy container, mmm, very very good idea, but I'm on a diet ...
But the container gives beautiful colors !
Greetings from Belgium !