Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tomorrow is Sunday!

...and that means it is Sunday paper time :)

Not much to share. I went to work. Came home for 15mins then went up to the footy oval to help the P&C in the canteen. Back up to Armidale. Then we went over to our neighbours for dinner. We are not long home... a late night for Miss L. We had a really lovely evening. Both kids were so well behaved... isn't that great when you are out! :) My neighbour was also my 2nd class teacher, and many other things in my life since... small world.

Matt tells me that Shawn did very well at soccer today and almost scored a goal! I am stoked!

Well my PJ's are by the fire getting warm then I am off to bed.
Thanks for stopping by. x


Pamela said...

That is sad when you have to warm your PJ's up before you get into tough like the rest of us who don't have a wood fire....:)

Meg said...

No Pam.. There is nothing better then warming your PJ's near the fire..