Monday, June 23, 2008

Subscribed again!

Well I didn't know if I would or not, but I did. I have been getting Scrapbooking Memories for 2 years almost and the subscription finished with the issue that came today. I had a quick flick and noticed that the price went up by $20 so I picked up the phone and used a code from the last issue and also got $90 worth of Kaiser goodies! Poor postie, I will be stalking him again

Today was the biggest frost so far this year. Usually that means it will be a lovely warm day.... not today. Pam and I perched near the fire this morning then I relocated to the computer room to follow the sun.

I am working tomorrow. I rarely do weekdays but I felt I would benefit from a few hours with the regular staff to keep in the loop. Liberty and her Grandma will have a lovely time!
This page is my entry for the 123 Challenge. 6 photos, doodling and a song title were the criteria.


notenoughscrappin said...

Oh I love all the doodling :)

Cindy said...

How cute is that !? Love it :)

Sharon said...

Hi , Just found your blog via Aussie pub call roadmaps and thought I would leave a comment as you have requested!! Love your work, looking forward to seeing more.

CHeers Sharon Suchoronczak