Monday, June 30, 2008


Saturday night I could tell Liberty would wake up with a cold...and I was right. She spent all of last night coughing. Today she was better than I thought, until 4.15pm when she pushed on her head and screamed. The doctor saw her by 4.45 and she is now on antibiotics.... Ear infection.
I have been so very blessed. Shawn never had an ear infection and this is Liberty's first.
So between needing to do P&C stuff and getting my work together for JSJ's I have had a busy day! Tomorrow won't be any different, Wednesday should be :)
Thought I would share this image of the happy family going for a Sunday bike ride.
Actually it is not just the one family, but 2.
Infact, that is my husband riding into the sunset with another woman!
It was the best 15mins peace I had all day!!! LOL


Velta said...

LOL...on the hubby riding off into the sunset...Sorry about Liberty's ear infection...Hope she gets well soon!!

Pamela said...

so glad MAtt is blocking most of my big fat a** in that photo. Poor Libert....i have 2 with croup so our house is fun...must have been the shock of their mother on a bike lol.

Meg said...

you are so nice to share your husband with your friends...

Cindy said...

I hope Liberty's ear infection clears up soon.

Scraps~from~a~Boy said...

What a great layouts on your blog... I love it!

XOXO Peter