Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Costume time!

This year at Shawn's school was the first time they have done an Easter Hat Parade. I remember them when i went to the school, how times change!
Shawn made his rabbit Helmet on his own last Sunday afternoon.
Liberty and I worked on her hat together. Then at Preschool she made another eater Hat, so we just stuck it on the top! She felt like a Queen!
Last night was the first school disco for the year with a theme of Celebrity or TV characters. Can you guess who Shawn is? Liberty had a great night of dancing, she will be so comfortable at school when her time comes....I hope....

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Chantal said...

Gorge pics! Have you been in the store "Peter Alexander" lately? I was wondering if perhaps they might be interested in your handmade etsy items... they also have awesome handmade goodies eg - Russian Doll heat wheat packs, cute soft toys (very simple and really sweet) etc... Just a thought!!! :)

Anthea said...

Hey Julie - how are you doing? I have only just realised that for some reason I am not following you (had the same problem with Sue a couple of weeks ago.) Sorry I have missed soooo much. The stuff you made for the store looks awesome and I am glad that you are doing well. Take care.

Vicki said...

Loving those easter bonnets Julie!! :) LOL!! The helmet bunny is very cute!! :)