Monday, March 15, 2010

A WEEK!!!!!!!

It has been one, full week since I have posted on my little blog.... I am sorry :(
If anyone is still out there and cares, I have just been so busy. This was my year to slow down and so far that plan is not going to plan. This week looks no better, but I have decided not to sell my bits and bobs at the farmers market this weekend, just not enough time to get the goodies made. That, and the fact that my sewing machine has been at the doctors, but it should come home today feeling much better!

I also had a trip to the doctors myself with food poisoning... Now that is an experience I do not want to go through again. My BP is still low and I am pretty weak. Since I said I will work 4 days this week, my timing could not be any worse! So since I now have to find the energy to run out the door, I will post later on what we did over the weekend :)

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Get Well Soon