Sunday, March 21, 2010

Armidale Farmers Markets

Today was the frst time I have had a market stall at the Armidale Farmers Markets. With licencing restrictions, I also had to include baking, fresh produce or second hand goods with my handmade goodies. Since my Vegie garden only just feeds us, that was out of the question. I do not bake.... :) So yesterday we quickly went through Shawn and Liberty's rooms and found some clothes, books and toys. My Grandmother had a garage sale not long ago so I was able to find some treasures there.

My Heat Wheat bags were my best seller, followed by my heart crayons. Just as I thought they would be! Heat Bags are one of my favourite Winter items, so now you know what I did with the 10kg of wheat in the post below, Matt is off to pick up another bag for me tomorrow :)
So, it was a great morning! As I had hoped, but better than I expected!


Sue said...

WTG Julie! I am so glad that the crowds at the Armidale Farmers Market can recognise quality merchadise when they see it! Well done!

Brenda said...

Your goodies look great.....I'm not surprised you had a great day at the markets!!

Chantal said...

How exciting, Julie! And awesome work documenting it all too! Markets rock! :)