Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter away

We are home from a nice few days away. just thought I would stop by and share a few pics from the Sydney Royal Easter Show. The top one is Robosaurus, the car eating dino. The middle image was one of the highlights of the show, these guys were pretty awesome! The bottom image is of the cutest newsreaders around! Shawn got to read a script, just like the news people do. The lady in the front, middle of the photo is Johanna Griggs. Commonweath games swimmer and now TV personality... she is in love with Shawn's eyelashes :)
I will leave the giveaway open until Sunday evening... (see 2 posts below)

night x


Sue said...

OMG Julie - how cute do your kids look??? I would love for them to read my news every night!!!
I am not surprised you loved the show - I used to love going with my friends when we lived in Sydney...definitely the best show in Aust!

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie, Just dropping in to see that you made it home safely...jase was worried..cause he hadn't seen you for about a week...Meg