Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Toasty Tuesday

This guy surprised Shawn as he walked into our yard on his way home from school this afternoon. We had not spotted this Blue Tongue Lizard all Summer, but on this beautiful warm Autumn day, there he was!
So Today I took Liberty to Preschool, then I came home and putzied, then went to the gym, then had my hair cut, then had lunch with my hunky husband, then came home and picked up Liberty from Preschool. ...and that was pretty much my day. The kids and I have been melting crayons to replenish my market stock this evening. Silly me decided to cook using the oven, not a good idea on such a warm day. I think it is shower time to cool off.

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Chantal said...

Cool! We have heaps of (we call them bobtails here in Perth) these beauties in our backyard and frontyard! It's really cool! There's a bit of natural bush preserved around our suburb, so I think that's why there's still heaps around in full-on inner-suburbia! :)