Monday, March 22, 2010

A lazy Monday...

Today was recovery Monday!

It was a busy weekend. Work Saturday. Autumn Festival parade. Grocery shopping. Get ready for the markets. Visit frends while in town. Dinner with friends and their family. More getting ready for markets. Markets. Unpack from markets. Recover and fall asleep on the couch.
So today I did very lttle. Caught up with a friend, washed some clothes, went to the school then to Basketball. Now Matt is at Basketball and I have just watched 'The big bang theory' and now am spending time with Simon Baker... Such a nice Aussie boy!

My keyboar needs cleaning ot with the compressor, not every key works first go... very annoyingand slow...

Bonnie over at Going Home To Roost has been lovely to me recently, if you have a few spare minutes hop on over to her blog and see what words of wisdom she is blogging today I was the very fortunate winner of a giveaway that she had a few weeks ago, so I have some of her Etsy goodness coming my way!

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