Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today started out pretty rough. This food poisoning and low blood pressure have really thrown me!

But this lady made it worth the energy to get out of bed and check my emails. More on this excitement later.... :)

This afternoon I had the energy to move about, so I did. As my Grandmother in America would say, I was putzing around. I love that. Putzing.

Then after school this beautiful 4 year old, with very little effort did this...

... no training wheels!!!!

Matt spent, maybe 30 minutes with her at the park and then we went to the basketball court so she could show us all her new found skill. Like a duck to water! So proud of you Miss Liberty! x

My sewing machine came home yesterday!!!!

Matt picked it up from the 'doctor' and he was very complementary... I have an 18 year old Janome Memory Craft 7500. The Doc told Matt that he had heard alot about how great this machine was, but had never actually seen or used one. He loved it! Said it goes better than most new machines!!!

See my machine, was my 'first car' (that is how I explained it to Matt) I worked hard to purchase it as a teenager and have had many great moments with it! I was quite chuffed that it is such great condition! So tonight we are going to see what we can do with this...

...all going well, I may just make the Armidale Farmers Markets after all...

Night x


Anonymous said...

Liberty "Well done"

S said...

Next time you come to PA, I can teach her how to jump! Although, if she picked it up that quick, she'll probably be teaching me!

Julie said...

S - She may even let you wear the Tinkerbelle helmet!

Brenda said...

Bugger all that "paid work" getting in the way! I hope you find enough time to get your goodies together.
I'd love to take some of my gear to Armidale one day!

Good luck with it all!!