Friday, January 11, 2008

End of another week!

We are not long home from a movie night at the local swimming pool. It was a good night apart from the lack of summer weather. Shawn got to catch up with one of his mates from school that he hasn't seen in awhile. I got to eat way to much popcorn....I don't feel so good..... :) You would think that my good friends would cut me off...but no..... It was good to catch up with the girls!
This photo is just a random shot that I took at Green Oak last weekend. I am not sure what they were looking at, but I loved the lighting!
We started our fish tank earlier this week and so far so good! Santa left us all a nice new tank so we each get to choose a fish. Shawns choice was a small school of Neon Tetras. We are doing everything by the book and introducing new fish slowly. Matts and Liberty's fish had to be ordered so next week they should move in. I am getting my super cute fish from my great friend Rach who breeds well....I mean her fish do, so I am taking some from her super aquarium. Thanks Rach!
Shawn starts swimming lessons next week at 11am. I really only mention that so I can look back and remember. My 2008 diary hasn't show up yet...I feel a bit lost!
I need to thank Moo for her computer help today...I will email you a copy of my work over the weekend! x

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Peta's Pixels said...

i love this photo julie!!